Monday, 30 December 2013

Day 220 – Around Eger - Tues 1 Oct
Caravan park almost empty this late in season. Cleared out all the cubbyholes and pushed cabin forward to check oil, cleaned out top boxes, console boxes. Checked all side lockers - one contained water damaged items eg canvas side wall, tarps (probably river crossing) so festooned them around camp to dry out. Finally cleared blocked shower drain using compressed air and jugs of boiling water. Nice to have access to power 
in amenities area, so plugged in all devices to power, and used wifi to upgrade all to i07. Upgraded apps and emails. Edited photos, uploaded one day’s blog (SO far behind now…).

Chores over, we accompanied “Julia and Romeo” to Monument Cellar, run by father (Janosh/ “Johhny Flower”) of young man who runs Tulipen Camping (Tomacz). Cellar is catacomb of hand hewn tunnels still used weekly by Catholic Church for mass. Saw crucifix engraved into rock, baptismal font, and altar for special ceremonies eg weddings. 

Next was our wine tasting - tried Black Daemon, a very smooth red, followed by apricot and cherry snapps-like drink (rugged!) toasted in every different language. We learned that Pálinka is a traditional fruit brandy in the countries of the Carpathian Basin, usually made from mashed, distilled and matured fruit  - plums, apricots, apples, pears, or cherries. Julia was an instant supporter! We went deeper underground to see huge vats of fermenting grapes. Looked at /tried traditional "technologie", stirring grapes in vat with large wooden paddle. In spite of having less than two weeks of this amazing first leg of GlobalTrek left, and being short of storage space since losing our back box, we bought 2 cases of smooth demon red and made our merry farewells. 

Walked through streets, past underground cellars hollowed into the rhyolite tuff hillsides (approx 130 wineries in region). Amazingly, bulls blood was running down the streets, spilled from pumps bringing up wine from cellars into vats on the backs of vehicles. Whilst the eateries were inviting, we made the decision to turn back to our long delayed beef stew.

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