Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dec 2014: An Aussie Granddaughter for Christmas

Dec 2014: An Aussie Granddaughter for Christmas  
Helping expectant parents, daughter Naomi and partner Sew, to rearrange their house to fit in their first baby:  
Washing and sorting Glory Box, and new shelves
These instructions are not in English...

Wanderoos were still in Canada when news came that precious Neko had been born earlier than expected. So we were in Australia when the Canadian granddaughter arrived, and in Canada when the Australian granddaughter arrived!! How lovely to come home to such a petite Christmas present.
An early welcome to precious Neko

Celebrating with the Yuletide Lads!

Poppy's mini Christmas Tree

Naomi and Sew - proud parents

And equally besotted grandparents

Aunty Jenni and Uncle Neil

Just what we wanted...??

With GirlRob's sister Kerrie and family from Melbourne - the gang's all here! 

Yes please - we'll rock her off to sleep

GirlRob's favourite game: A Ticket to Ride
So wonderful to be living nearby as Neko grows up to be a real character, and gets to know her Nanna, Grandad, and the wider world...

You first. No, you first...
Musical harmony...

Grand Poppy has got you...

Its a what??

A gorgeous outfit from the overseas grandies
I have something important to say...

Goodbye Nanna - I'll miss you...
And you too Grandad...

Science experiment

Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross....
But I wanna hold my new cousin...

Tabletop dancing

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

1-12 Dec 2014: A trip to Vancouver, Canada to meet our first Granddaughter

1-12 Dec 2014: A trip to Vancouver, Canada to meet our first Granddaughter
Wanderoos heard the news of the birth of our first granddaughter (almost two weeks overdue just like her father!), so grabbed their winter woolies and departed for Canada to meet precious Scarlett.

Proud parents Justin and Jo

A May Gibbs Gumnut Baby in Vancouver

GirlRob handed over Justin's toddler coat

These cot instructions can't be THAT hard...

This Warbler is well camouflaged
Spotted Towhee

Yes, it's THAT cold!
Off to the woods for a walk

Canadian Goose
Out and about exploring Vancouver on foot, including Chinatown, and the waterfront:

Off to our first cold Christmas Market, with a very ethnic mix of food, music, tree decorations and items for sale:

Delicious warm mulled wine

Kazakhstan crepes

Granville Island Markets were vibrant with produce, artworks, and unusual (mostly handmade) items on offer. 

Out of the rain, Scarlett slept through... 

And an early Christmas celebration with Wanderoos before their departure:

Hello Possums!
Jo is the Queen of the Christmas Tree

I might be little, but I'm not an Elf...

All too soon the visit was over, so hard to say goodbye to such a loving, sociable little mite:

Sending well wishes to Naomi - her baby due within hours