Wednesday, 28 October 2015

13 June - 28 Oct: A lovely long visit from the Canadians

13 June - 28 Oct: A lovely long visit from the Canadians
Whilst still on maternity leave, Jo wanted to bring Scarlett to Australia to spend quality time with her Mum who was undergoing significant medical treatment. Fortunately Justin works for a global company and could work out of Brisbane for the five months. As they stayed with us, it was a perfect time for Wanderoos to really get to know their first granddaughter.

Off you go Mum and Dad, we grandies will share Scarlett
Hello there, Great Poppy, hope you're all better...

Scarlett shows Neko how to Skype with Dadda

Hello Neko! It's me - Scarlett!

Gotcha nose, Grandad

Yes, I'm an epicurian...

I wan't that one Grandad...
In awe of Nanna's Bribie Island birds

Siblings and partners together again...
Celebrating instant summer in lieu of winter in Canada

Wanderoos hosted a "Meet Mini M" party for family and friends:

Great Aunts and Uncles (literally!)

Oh yay! Neil + Jenni will equal 3....
Scarlett providing Great Poppy a laugh

Having a baby right there in the house provided so many cute moments in our days:

Naomi hosted Jenni's Baby Shower:

Boy baby? Good - lets name him Cheryl!
Neil helping with decorations
and Neko helping too...

Scarlett discovers the beach and other new stuff:

Along comes Fletcher, joining the Mums and Bubs out and about:

Nanna loves her babies - they are happy to wear her knitting!!

Scarlett modelling Fletcher's new bear coat 
Scarlett's eskimo coat
Neko's urban cardigan

A round of farewell parties...
We're happy to see you all


Try it like this Mum, for better effects 

Visit over all too soon, Justin works cleverly to ensure he captures the four generations (father, daughter, son/father, daughter)...

And so, a sad farewell, until we see you face to face again...


PS. Its brilliant to be able to keep up with our global family through the wonders of technology:

Training for the snow Olympics starts early!