Thursday, 30 April 2015

29-30 April, 2015: Farewell Western Australia - hello again Queensland

29-30 April, 2015: Farewell Western Australia - hello again Queensland
Running out of time we had a much quicker return journey back along WA’s coast...

Mould puff ball

Overnighting in Geraldton, we enjoyed the glorious sunset, looking at the "yellow submarine" (prototype of cray fishing submarine), passing the red and white candy stripes of Point Moore Lighthouse, and admiring the glorious colours over the Geraldton Port and Sunset Beach.

Good planning and timing saw us make the deadline to return our hire car and catch our 6-hour flight in Perth to fly back to Brisbane.

Trendy BoyRob drinking from a jar!

Monday, 27 April 2015

27-28 April, 2015: Exploring Cape Range National Park and Yardie Creek

27-28 April, 2015: Exploring Cape Range National Park and Yardie Creek
We spent time in Cape Range National Park, catching up with Neko and her parents once more at the Yardie Creek Trail and stopping by their camper parked at Sandy Bay. Although we had gotten (unhappily) used to the gazillions of flies plaguing WA this season, it was hilarious to see Neko swamped by her hat net!! 

We took the slow boat cruise through the red limestone walls of the Yardie Creek gorge, the only permanent river on the North West Cape. We were rewarded with great photo opportunities of the rare black-footed rock wallaby on the rock ledges, and magnificent ospreys. 


Near the boat launch we were surprised to see magnificent marine fossils of a 40-thousand-year old coral reef.


Called in to most of the beaches in the National Park including Turquoise Beach and Oyster Stacks. Walked the debris-laden shore of Lighthouse Bay, overlooking the remains of the SS Mildura which ran aground during a cyclone in 1907.

Back in Exmouth to pick up our dive photos and pack, we were lucky enough to spot a family of emus coming into the hotel's outdoor fountain for an evening drink. The very protective parent kept a lookout for the safety of the brood.