Thursday, 23 April 2015

23 April, 2015: Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery

23 April, 2015: Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery
·    Today was a driving and exploration day, departing Denham for Little Lagoon; Francois Peron National Park and Big Lagoon; Useless Loop drive, salt reclamation and Steep Point; and the Shark Bay World Heritage Discovery Centre. The photos tell the story of our finds!

Closest we came to a bilby

Are you an Alstroemeria?
Shark Bay Daisy

Pacific Gull
Beware stonefish in tidal creeks

Emu crossing birrida (gypsum claypan)

Explorer and French naturalist François Péron made meticulous descriptions of anthropology, oceanography, meteorology and zoology during Nicholas Baudin’s 1801 and 1803 expeditions. The national park bears his name in recognition of his contribution to Australia’s natural and social history. Interspersed throughout the park are gypsum claypans known as birridas. Thousands of years ago, when sea levels were much higher than at present, most birridas were landlocked saline lakes. In more recent times the sea has invaded some birridas, such as Big Lagoon, to form shallow inland bays.

Culture walk: Indigenous shelter  

Rare Thick-Billed Grass Wren

Shades of early settlers

Little Crows

Nectar of the Gods!

Went on to dinner at the old Pearler's Restaurant, which we found to be built from cockle shell blocks.

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