Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 7 - to Passau and Munich - Mon 12 May 2014

Day 7 - to Passau and Munich - Mon 12 May 2014
Cool and overcast for our first real day in the camper - looking forward to being on the road (but will miss the hotel’s soft boiled eggs and crusty rye breakfast!) Drove to Passau for Webasto repair (1) waste water exiting via floor (not properly connected) (2) Heater not working on low range. Agency said would take 2 days for parts to come from Munich and then take more time to be fitted, so suggested we go there directly. OK, fueled up and followed Danube out of town. Will have to come back for missing box from Oz though, because it has parts to repair shower door, and press studs for new awning. Saw bighorn sheep in too small paddock. Hares sitting happily in tilled fields (do they not get hunted for supper anymore?) So many bird hides at corners of fields – are they maybe for spotting crop pests instead?? 
Fields of bright yellow rape.....
Fields of solar panels more profitable??

Pulled up by the highway Zoll/customs with their LED sign on roof saying "follow me". Looked at passports, friendly folk. Fields of sheep with spring lambs (or solar panels!) Rain turned into hail – NOT what we were expecting! Every village has church at centre, mostly Catholic, although some onion spires. Cereal crops, wheat, millet, rye. 
Ahh, cute, in the roadside park, toilet only flushes when you open the door latch!
Not what was happening in the cabin.....
"never see Australia document!"


Three hours later, arrived at Webasto address “No, is central warehouse”; sent us half hour back up road to Gilching, “No, is Development”. Where DO repairs then? Oh, agencies like place we started this morning!! Grrr... what a run around! But wait, young French man sent to talk to us went to get his "master", who turned out to be just as upset we'd been given poor service, and decided to at least run the computer diagnostics. Alessandro was a slight Italian engineer in an impeccable suit, fluent in four languages, who proceeded to give us three hours of assistance in the carpark, diagnosing and repairing all errors, including giving us advice that the system had been installed incorrectly regarding the dust intake/ dispersal mechanism. He gave us a flash drive of the error codes and tutorials of how to repair them. With no charge and top international RV man on the job, we certainly "lucked in" after all. 
New "tidy" for daily charging in the cabin...


With the business day coming to an end we headed out of the industrial area into Munich's evening traffic; saw nuclear power station in rural setting.

Everyone should take their falcon for a drive....

Hope these are company houses.....
Best way to run if the tunnel is on fire.....

GirlRob used Park4Night app for first time, locating the nearest site with "6 encampments" 20 kms to east. No phone number, decided to chance it. Once off the motorway, very pleasant drive through woods and villages to lake - Diessen am Ammersee. 

Camp was the carpark of local train station (fortunately toilet on platform was open) - only one other camper turned up. No amenities to speak of, no curious onlookers, and no one came to collect the E6 fee cited. Following a walk along the edge of the lake, then soup and a cuppa (yes the Webasto stove worked perfectly!) we settled down for a quiet read as the cold came in. The 2-carriage trains ceased before dark, so nothing disturbed our first night in Ozzie for 2014.

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