Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Day 109: Around Xi’an - Wed 12 Jun 2013

Day 109:  Around Xi’an - Wed 12 Jun 2013
Explored restored City Walls and Muslim Quarter (Hui - Muslim Chinese) with Guy and Cheryl. Amazing foods (deep fried mince pie, persimmon syrup cake), cooking devices in streets, watched noodles being made, peanut brittle being pounded with giant mallets, open butcher’s with tripe (did not look palatable!).


Black eggs? No thanks....

Cricket wanting out out out...

Persimmon syrup cake - yummy!

Pounding peanut brittle with mallets


Fruit platter lunch at coffee cum hotel with slow internet, but managed to pinpoint address of Ukraine embassy in Beijing. Left our carpark, and drove out past bell tower and drum tower (bell rings once at dawn and at nightfall respectively). 

Internet Warrior


On to Hanyangling underground museum and archaeological site (the joint mausoleum/ tomb of the Emperor Jingdi and his empress). Found it fascinating, donned paper slippers to walk on glass floor over excavation pits. Museum of Han culture was full of artefacts buried with Emperor including terracotta figurines. With eunuchs, servants, domesticated animals (and even female cavalry on horseback), it appeared to be a celebration of daily life rather than warfare). South and East Gates were still under excavation. 




 Departed at 6.00pm for final stop of day - Terracotta Warrior carpark, to meet up with Jon and Jude ready for next day’s explorations. Along highway, passed through South China City with its huge enclosed buildings and towers A to D – tiny plantings of willows and hollyhocks looked out of place. 

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