Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 113: Jinyuan to Pingyao - Sun 16 Jun, 2013

Day 113: Jinyuan to Pingyao - Sun 16 Jun, 2013
Smoggy morning or just overcast? BoyRob filled water and wash barrel, washed car, and scrubbed off small patches of tar, so we were hot and bothered before even getting on road. Kerfuffle with manager of service amenities, apparently we were using wrong water... sorted amicably, and on road. OMG the pollution; passing giant power stations looming out of smog, overpowers otherwise beautiful river gorges and temples stair-casing the hills. Morning tea at service area - gMail miraculously back (49 emails). 

Taking all three lanes of highway...

Passing Red Army statues, murals along highway, signs to Museum of Sacrifice of Associated Troops, and 8th Army memorial. Was this area part of Mao’s campaign? 
Sky seems to be darkening.


Definitely back in rural China judging by the vehicles...


Overnighted outside restored walls of Pingyao Old Town, had fortifying drink with Miles and Marina outside our vehicles, then wandered past the square with animated people and playing kids, through gate into happy hour drinks at tiny bar (watching the owner's Golden Retriever retrieve). 


Centuries old wheel ruts



The girls went shopping that way....

Should have bought that lacquered jewellery box
What is it with GirlRob and hats??

Explored enticing shops and stalls, then joined others perusing menus for dinner (the photos tell THAT story!!). Choice made (depending on attitude to risk!!), then had more fun as meals and drinks came in no particular order. Shared gigantic tureen of soup, but poor Jude our vegetarian, had to wait for last dish to arrive before she could touch anything. And as a finale, 2 sets of bland noodles arrived when all rest of dishes had disappeared! 

We walked carefully home in dark over uneven cobblestones. Hot dusty night, gratefully grabbed our additional bench fan from its storage place.

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