Friday, 13 June 2014

Week 6A - Stockholm

Week 6A - Stockholm 

Took overnight ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm. Ozzie looked small against maws of ship, GirlRob surprised that vehicles were not anchored down. Duty-free shops on board - people buying alcohol by trolley load!
Ozzie looks small against maws of ship...
Trees decimated by roosting cormorants

Blog or Midnight Sun?

Arrived Sweden, and checked into our hotel, fortunately 24hr parking in sports field opposite. Took hop on/off bus and boat trip around harbour - a mix of serious and fun since school let out this weekend...  


Lighthouse ship
Ode to a Giraffe....


Really enjoyed Vass Museum, unbelievable man o’ war salvaged from 300mts where sank (preserved in very cold low-oxygen water) on maiden voyage less than 1km from launch. Oh dear - too high and narrow and not enough ballast to keep upright, listed and took on water in cannon portholes.You will see we enjoyed their interactive media....

They don't get many tourists from Australia...

Walked through Royal Garden, took obligatory photo outside Abba museum. The capital is sparkling clean and picturesque with interconnecting waterways. Everyone walks or has personal wheels - bikes, long ski skates with poles. Young people are switched on, employed, fashion conscious, purposeful (no yobbos/groups of louts). Stopped at church and caught string ensemble practicing before concert, upbeat classical pieces.

Spent Swedish National Day at Skansen (cultural villages) and Gamla Stan Old Town, so overbuilt the island is sinking around edges.


Walked home past the waterfront and ran into the Sweden Day parade. Ate Toast Skagen (delicious shrimp roll) with dark bread baked in small can - charming young waiter chose our meals and said "don't go near the special meatloaf" (couldn’t believe they let dogs into the restaurant though!) Great days - great city!

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