Saturday, 14 June 2014

Week 6B - Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen

Week 6B - Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen....
Departed Stockholm to do a loop of Lower Scandinavia - in Europe over a month already. Drove across numerous bridges connecting the 33 islands, into emerald green countryside once more. Tall lupins ran wild, fields of red poppies. Gingerbread houses and barns most painted red ochre with white trim. Saw moose loping along in head-high scrub along fenced-off highway – unbelievable!! Highways fenced all way, even up over boulders and rock walls covered in lichen and moss. Occasional small deer where farm met forest.
Along Gote Kanal a nasty road accident, semitrailer off the road sideways down the drain. 


Drove over 6.5km bridge to Oland Island. Flat picturesque farmland with old windmills everywhere. Drove to seaward side joined vans and motor homes in stellplatz facing Baltic Sea (diagonally across from Klaipeda where we were last week). Very underdressed Swedes rushed over to look at Ozzie - they get so little sunshine in their year, they love to recline shirtless or in bikinis soaking up vitamin D. Sunset quite late, not dark til after 10pm. 
Had quick look around fishing village in morning then off to Malmo and Copenhagen. 


Tedious traffic jam at Karlshamnvagen, after half hour of crawling 10km saw a sign for the Swedish Rock Festival – ah-ha! Plenty of time to scrutinise medley of rigs - Rock Express, motorhomes carrying excess passengers, young people leaning out side window of towed caravan yelling, people snoozing on their bags on side of road - looks like a merry time was had by all. Hadn’t really got back into stride by Malmo so after a quick look at the Twisting Torso, decided enough daylight to go on to Copenhagen – but weren’t pleased to find we’d taken a route including a $100 toll. Amazing bridge though, Sweden's longest, rises high then down to island and seemingly disappears - into tunnels rest of way to Denmark (wow, ninth country so far). Windmill farm in midst of ocean (we recall this amazing place on a Scandinavian murder- mystery TV series..)
Twisting Torso



Copenhagen was a delight - combined bus and boat tour - Churchill Park, Opera house, Fort. We made fun of story of king having controls of drawbridge in his room. ("Hey Cedric, your cousin Olaf wants to come in". "I can't let down the bridge because the King won't give up the remote...") Whole country out enjoying public holiday. Fabulous modern architecture, cycles galore, topless swimmers, found out Iceland is part of Denmark’s parliament. The boat tour was superb, different perspective, excellent views, slower pace. Ate Danish pastries (that cinnamon scroll is yum!) 

Nesting Swans

Lighthouse ship

And last but not least.....

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  1. Thank you for meeting you in Sandgerdi. It was a pleasure. Of you do not remember us, we are the crazy danes in the hobbit tent besides your tank ;-). We talked about your vehicle for many times, wondering of we would meet you again in Iceland. In Høfn we actually saw another one :-) but not you :-/