Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 80: Seydisfyordur to north west of Djupivogur - Thurs 24 July

Day 80: Seydisfyordur to north west of Djupivogur - Thurs 24 July
Finally on our approach to Iceland - first sign pods of dolphins diving out of water performing acrobatics ahead of the boat - oohs and ahas throughout ship’s lounge.  And yes, first question answered, there is plenty of ice on Iceland mountains in summer! Fog obscured what would otherwise have been spectacular views of high mountains of largely uninhabited southern islands. Birds taking off on water leaving long dark trails behind.

Vacated cabin 2 hrs before docking. Fog and light rain on arrival into Seydisfyordur, Iceland, the land of fire and ice. We had heard of tremors in southern area we intended to head to first, and that road has been closed. We needed more specific information, but nothing was available at the port, just given a sticker declaring we did not intend to fish. Weather cleared in South East so we took original route clockwise around the island’s ring road. Ground boggy with waterfalls. Stopped for view back over port / ship in lifting fog. 


Gleeful at out first (very pretty!) waterfall stop, with its monument made from columnar basalt. Picked edible berries from mossy banks.


On to Egolstadir Tourist Info, collected maps, brochures, emails, then on to supermarket, and lunch of herring Sushi rolls! First real stop planned was Litlanesfoss waterfall with its thin long hexagonal-shaped columnar basalt walls - truly met all our expectations.....

Hengifoss was further up the trail, a much taller waterfall with red tuff/clay horizontally layered between oxidised/basaltic lava ash

Our walk was an easy 4km uphill round trip - good workout, and certainly worth the views. The track came back down through fields of wildflowers and walking bridges over streams.
Fairies Thimble Bell flowers
Meadow Pipit

Neighbour at trail head carpark

Headed towards fjords, ran into serious fog so pulled gingerly into gravel pit beside river to camp. Perused all literature, planning next few days potential activities, soup and garlic roll dinner. Fog lifted just before bed to see we had parked safely enough in an ice field.


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