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Day 87: Reykholar to Patrekfjordur - Thurs 31 July

Day 87: Reykholar to Patrekfjordur - Thurs 31 July
Today heading out towards furthermost western point of our trip, bird cliffs at Latrabjerg. Cold, but much less windy thankfully. 4º by mid morning. Beautiful scenery driving up and down fjords. Extensive roadworks, putting in new causeways. 

Hmm, couldn't track down his story....

New causeway under construction

Lucky lucky lucky – sighted a rare white-tailed eagle on rocks with female and nest nearby! And then, another most unusual sight - screaming gulls feasting on a very long floating carcass in fjord, maybe whale??


At Flokalandur didn't see expected seal colonies, but passed beaches of pastel red, yellow and orange sand. Took hairy road down to red sandbar at Raudasandur, and enjoyed view from balcony of a surprising find of a French café in isolated spot.

This fungi belongs in Phallological Museum...

Raudasandur bar
Fortunately for the patrons, not much traffic...

On to Latraberg, sand dunes and blows UP the rocky cliffs. That's some wind... brilliant blue seas in a glorious sunny (if cold!) day. How did we get blessed with this weather when most Icelandic travelers don't? Ooh, a sign saying 500mts rocks falling - 2nd scary piece of road. 

Sand blow up the mountain



And AT LAST - on the Latraberg cliffs, beautiful puffins up close! These small auks have brightly coloured flat-sided beaks in red, yellow and blue. (Sorry reader, if we overload you with photos of these brilliant, comical creatures….) 

Massive sheer cliffs, oldest volcanic rocks in Iceland (formed 40 million years ago!)
Tried to distinguish between fulmars, razor-billed auks, kittiwake, guillemot, glaucous gulls, and common gulls gliding and swooping. Watched a small colony of light spotted Icelandic seals through binoculars. Stood at Bjargtangar, westernmost tip of Iceland, westernmost point of Europe, and westernmost point of time zone!!


Seal colony, Latraberg
Tres cool - new hat with ear flaps and pom-pom ties
Remains of stone igloo, Brunnar

Brunnar fishing village from 1620s stone igloo style huts, fish drying racks, ceased in 1880s. Drove around to other side of fjord to camp for night at Patrekfjordur, up on grounds covered in wildflowers above town. Supplies at supermarket, internet for first time in three days, fuel, high pressure hose to wash down Ozzie (third time we've found these free bays at service stations in Iceland!) Fish restaurant for dinner.

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