Saturday, 4 October 2014

Day 152: Tours to Bayoux - Sat 4 Oct, 2014

Day 152: Tours to Bayoux - Sat 4 Oct, 2014
Nice to sleep in, and wake to dawn light instead of cold foggy dark. And “ooh-la-la”, French bread delivery straight to your camper truck! Between Tours and 
Nuelle Pont Pierre saw skinny trams, carousel and lots of chimneys. Bought groceries and fuel (what's word for diesel in French again??) Saw a sign over shop "Chanzy Tampons"! (guess they are managing risk through their advertising??) Found fantastic outdoor coin-operated laundry attached to petrol station - could have done with more of those these last couple of years!!

Sorting and waiting for laundry...

Given her Dad’s history of motorbike racing and interest in motor sports generally, it was exciting for GirlRob when Wanderoos drove the famous Le Mans circuit (and happy to miss the crowd due tomorrow when the "Pink Demoiselles" run the circuit).

We dubbed our pretty lunch stop “yellow rain lane”, even though it was overlooking a cemetery.


Drove through afternoon storm to Tapisserie Museum, Bayeux. The stunning 70m long embroidered Bayeux Tapestry depicts events leading to the Norman conquest of England, culminating at Battle of Hastings in 1066. It is wonderfully preserved and its 50 scenes remain a very readable picture history today. Scenes include Edward on his deathbed bequeathing crown to Harold, the invading fleet, the Battle of Hastings (English fight on foot behind a shield wall, whilst Normans are on horses). Harold the King is killed (although there is still dispute today about whether it was from an arrow in the eye). Fascinating to see Halley’s Comet, considered in the Middle Ages to be a bad omen.

Watched film in Exhibition Hall, putting perspective eg William the Conqueror used tapestry for positive publicity and promotion. The moral for the public was “there are dire consequences if you don't keep your solemn vows....” (Given the email repartee with family regarding finding a strong name for a grandchild due in December, we had to buy a child-sized Norman invasion TShirt in the gift shop!) GirlRob was so impressed with the tapistry, she had to go around the gallery a second time before reluctantly leaving.

Yes John, its chilly...

Impressed with our first view of English Channel, camped at Stellplatz Arromanches les Bains, overlooking Mulberry Beach, the fake harbour of concrete blocks created by Normandy invaders to protect their landing craft. Rewarded by a lovely sunset over Madonna statue and memorial cross.

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