Friday, 10 October 2014

Day 158: Around Paris - Fri 10 Oct, 2014

Day 158: Around Paris - Fri 10 Oct, 2014
Well, at last, good weather for our final day in Paris - such a pretty, clean and spacious city. It was our last chance to climb the Arc de Triomphe, the monument to Napoleon’s 1805 victory at Austerlitz, designed to commemorate his Austrian victories (including over Raab, Ozzie’s lovely winter home???), and to honour his grand army. It stands on Etoile/ star roundabout. The most famous of the high relief panels is François Rude's sculpture La Marseillaise (Departure of Volunteers). Frieze running around top features hundreds of 2m high individual figures. 

Queuing underground for tickets

Famous face from La Marseillaise

Climbed 284 steps (in spite of attendant asking GirlRob if she wanted to take the lift??). Great 360 views, including Montmartre and out to the much more modern Grand Arch. 

Back down the spiral staircase to ground level, the Eternal Flame burns over tomb of unknown soldier honouring 1.3m French soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. 


BoyRob was keen to try infamous La Fouquet’s restaurant, a popular meeting place for people from the world of cinéma, arts and culture, but as we were under-dressed, and meals averaged 70€ pp, was persuaded to lunch elsewhere along Champs Élysées. 

Train home, washing, drying (including doona and matching pillow cases). Cooked pork sausages with veggies, only a few days left to eat out the fridge and tucker box. Watched birds flying south for winter in a v-formation. Combined with the increasing cold, growing stacks of firewood, leaves turning russet or falling - these are the physical signs it's time to go home...

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