Thursday, 31 December 2015

Up to Dec 2015: Baby Birthdays, Baptisms, Dress-Ups, and Christmas

Up to Dec 2015: Baby Birthdays, Baptisms, Dress-Ups, and Christmas
Neko's Baptism in March was a family affair, with the Polish-American grandparents joining us in Brisbane: 

Father Jan uses the new Christening mug
Neko is fascinated by the Baptismal Candle

Ewa and Jan came from Denver, USA for the ceremony

Formalities over, time for fun...
The Christening gown has been handed down in GirlRob's family 

The football grand final in September featuring the North Queensland Cowboys was a chance to dress up this year's crop of babies in support (and obviously a factor in their winning!) "Cowboys are my team, and we'll take 'em to the top....".


Father Jan officiated at Jenni and Neil's wedding in 2013, and Fletcher's Baptism in 2015: 

Neil's sister Katherine is Fletcher's Godmother

With BoyChris and GirlChris

With BoyRob and GirlRob


With Uncle Sew, Aunty Naomi and Cousin Neko

Dressing up in the outfits Nanna bought from the hill-tribes on the border of China and Mongolia - before she knew about any of these potential grandchildren!!

Is Nanna going to make us do this often???

Happy early 1st birthday before Scarlett returns to Canada, first at home with her cousins, then at Southbank Parklands with everyone who loves our ex-pats

Halloween - another opportunity for dress-ups!!:

And a 1 year old birthday party for Neko in December:

Look at me Neko, not the camera!

And a bite for Grandad...

Let me fix your hat Fletcher

Christmas in Paddington, with Scarlett on Skype: 

Jenni transforms Hobbs' scratch stand to a Xmas Tree
BoyRob is the King of the Glazed Ham

A Christmas princess

I'm gunna give you this activity seat for Christmas Fletcher
The perfect Christmas Elf...

They're having a colder Christmas than us!
You're right Justin - she IS the best present!

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