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Day 5- Claiming Ozzie from Docks - Thur 28 Feb

Day 5- Claiming Ozzie from Docks - Thur 28 Feb
Showers again - same as on loading day. Washed in laundry before heading out (certainly cheaper than by-the-garment in Singapore eg $4 per undies!)
Tried out our gadgets and apps in taxi on way to Port Klang and Westport Container Terminal eg Pocket Earth with its downloaded maps, Garmin with its Malaysia map – fortunately all worked because we can’t remember the way back! 

Took two and half hours to check seal, open container, remove chocks, noodles and ratchets and remove front end of vehicle from container to drive out, install mirrors and aerials and try to blow up tyres (compressor didn't work- will need to be looked at later). Ozzie had moved just enough to rub the bullbar on the door, but no damage other than some lost paint; others both unmarked. Sun and humidity quickly dehydrated Cheryl and Guy (who additionally had to replace their tyres) – a scenario we had worked through in the Remote First Aid course we completed as part of our team risk management strategy before the trip. Still scary to see how easily it built up.
Breaking the customs seal
We had an external check of carnet details to vehicles and got back paperwork during this process, but noticed top of carnet not filled in and stamped.... had to wait for Customs to return from lunch because cannot exit Malaysia, or return paperwork to AA Australia for refund without it being properly completed. 
Had "stalker-talker"* who wanted to look inside the camper, but his boss took him off shouting and gesticulating to go back to work. (*GirlRob coined the phrase to describe one who circles the vehicle several times, cranes to look through windows, then sidles up and tries to catch your eye with a view to an invitation inside)

Needing food and more water, we parked and walked across the checkpoint in our visitor badges to the service station and cafe. Mr Zun finally arrived and we were free to pick up our passports, drive up to the barrier for a quick check of documents, then out to refuel (a relief with the tanks drained for the voyage). We were pleased we’d chosen a RHD country first up – some familiarity before encountering zippy traffic, and liberal interpretation of road rules. In spite of our lovely turn by turn Garmin we still got lost in the city - there are a confusing number of numbered Jalans and Hilirs once you leave the main roads.
The Bee escaping the docks
Parking was arranged in the alley beside Slumberland across the road from the hotel – without gates, hopefully the daily payment will ensure security. Yay- our package containing the walkie talkies arrived safely at the hotel (posted to ourselves because prohibited in Singapore but not in Malaysia). Dinner at Persian/Iranian/Halal restaurant across road was excellent – huge flat bread and babaganouj dip with a main of tender lamb with cinnamon rice. The (non-alcoholic) cocktail full of fresh fruit also served as dessert. Our plan to lose weight on unfamiliar food will have to begin when we leave the cities behind!  

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