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Day 8 - Exploring Malacca- Sun 3 Mar

Day 8 - Exploring Malacca- Sun 3 Mar
Once mossies had been banished we slept comfortably with the fans over the bed.
Woke to find we'd been locked in to the beach – not too much hardship waiting with a nice view and intermittent breeze whilst we breakfasted, blogged, talked and waited for Bistro owner to let us out. 

St Pauls
Old Town meets the Sea

Headed out to Old Town- St Paul's (invaded/occupied by Portuguese, who were defeated by Dutch, who ceded to British whilst fighting, who went to give it back to Dutch who didn't want it cos of rapid deterioration, so British stayed until Malays gained Independence…whew!), Sultan’s Palace, Stadthuys, Malacca River, Jonkers Street stalls (woman gave us a mandarin for Chinese New Year as mark of respect in spite of my haggling her down by 40 ringaat).

Melaka Taxis

Royal Dressers

By 4pm we were on road inland looking for campsite. Election flags are everywhere; monkeys using electrical cables along side of road as highways. We found a spot on the Tampin Road, but a smartly dressed saronged ‘polis’ man drove up and gestured strongly that we should go. It was darkening and threatening to rain when we finally found another place to pull off the road between an Islamic temple and a set of farmhouses - the price of admission was four sets of prayers through the loudspeakers throughout the night and early morning…. 

Mosque Camp
Early Morning Alarm

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