Saturday, 2 March 2013

Day 4 Feb - Train to Kuala Lumpur - Wed 27

Day 4 Feb - Train to Kuala Lumpur - Wed 27
Farewell Singapore - through Immigration/ Customs (and fingerprints), no bag check or questions before 6hr train trip commenced. The old clinker was certainly not flash - 1st class on train was a misnomer (old, cracked, faded) but air conditioning and foot-room soon made up for it. 
No room for Jon & Jude in First Class - so what do they use in 2nd class?

Planning session in dining car
Pristine environment disappeared in Malaysia; shanty towns, rubbish and rusted vehicles, although people dressed cleanly. First appearance of agricultural fields - small holdings with fruit trees, cows, chickens between plantations of palm oil, banana and cassava. Water in channels running brown from soil run-off from cleared land. Indian temple roofs covered with brightly painted gilt figures. 
Pleased to be upgraded to spacious suite in Ambassador Row, in an area populated by foreign embassies, an international school and comprehensively stocked ex-pat supermarket. 

Masterchef style meal at Romanz by its South African staff - lucky accidental find!
Late message to say paperwork has cleared customs and trucks can be unloaded tomorrow at10am. Yippee!!  Concierge has found a place to park trucks across the road in a lane-way (hopefully the fee will guarantee security)

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