Sunday, 14 July 2013

Day 136 - Kharkhorin to Sujji - Tues 9 July

Day 136 - Kharkhorin to Sujji  - Tues 9 July
Opened door to see gorgeous water bird. BoyRob filled new laundry bottles with icy cold river water while GirlRob picked up washing - at 40,000TG ($30+) most expensive to date, and tea towel still dirty, tissue bits mixed in with sheet, most of washing still wet although they'd had it almost 24hrs.... (Grrr – hate it when we foreigners are taken for a ride….) Draped wet items throughout the “house” before closing the roof, and headed for museum, new and very well presented, featured excellent archaeological and historical displays, much discussion with guide on periods of takeovers (Turks, Chinese, Russian) and fame and fading of empires. Saw 13th century terracotta coils/stupas (if only we’d kept the one we found out back of monastery yesterday), paintings of Chinngis Khan, also 3rd son, as well as grandson Khublai Khan.

By midday we were on road towards Ulaanbataar - road atrocious, weaving around or off the road onto tracks to avoid the many patches dug up for future works or culverts. Lunch at strange elephant statue, glorious to sit in warm sun and light breeze. 

Reached crossroads turned towards UB, good bitumen at last. Such pretty pretty scenery. Many ger camps, and even sand dunes along the base of the range. Horses on green plains or in watercourses/ wetlands tend to huddle in circle, heads nodding actively (why? social? getting rid of mites?). Pairs of cranes with chicks, large yellow feathered duck in pond (how has he survived this long uneaten??). Parked close to river on wetlands, still hot, GirlRob only one to be bitten by mites; wine and cheese waiting for it to be cool enough to cook. Fed local dog, became our sentinel, warned of approaching horses/ other dogs. Pretty sunset over water, slept soundly as weather cooled rapidly overnight.

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