Thursday, 26 December 2013

Day 210 – Sudak to Simferopol - Sat 21 Sept

Day 210 – Sudak to Simferopol - Sat 21 Sept
Beautiful sunny day with light breeze and sun shimmering off ocean. Visited Genoese Fortress (14th-15thC), solid door engineering, layers of protection and retreat. Walked to summit before too hot. Much better photos when there are no people in the way, sadly no demonstrations 
were ready either, eg knight battle, first bus arrived as we were leaving. 


Filled up with water at hotel, proprietor very excited, went and got one of his guests an Australian from Perth, to interpret/ talk to us. Pickers with buckets for grapes; backpackers abound, everyone in "fashion" jeans with faded patches down front. At least women not all in precarious/ outrageous high heel shoes on poor pavements as in Russia - look more relaxed and comfortable. Followed coast on towards Alushta. Morske "beach" dark grey shale, pebbles silt and concrete blocks – irregardless, tents were up, people sunbaking, caravans and a couple of motor homes right beside sea. Oh Australia, you are indeed the lucky country.... 


Stopped at “Memory Memorial” to those who died in waters, spectacularly ornate church perched on cliff, inside huge hanging gilt filigree backdrop displaying crucifix, pictures of saints, gilt chandeliers, fresco ceilings. 

Followed road past red foliage, through razorback limestone ridges.

Found Guy and Cheryl’s recommended wifi cafe and had late pizza lunch whilst downloaded rest of Europe maps across to Austria for offline use. 

Followed Miles’ coordinates and found the two vehicles camped between highway and railway overlooking power station - not most salubrious but any further out of town would take Wanderoos longer to get back and complete our tour of the Crimea. Pleased to catch up – Miles and Marina had even saved our frozen meat to give back to us! Sat around maps, iPads and laptops outside as day darkened, and plotted details of our escape to Oz and potential routes to Austria - MnM will go through Ukraine (Carpathiuns) and Slovakia, whereas Guy intends to include Poland. It would be nice to travel with friends but we will do more research and measurements in the Internet cafe before making a final decision. 
The thinking: For us, Austria is coming together as better storage option:
* owner says will be OK with Customs for more than  6 months if critical repairs are necessary
* storage is secure and undercover, he keeps batteries alive
* cheapest quote
* has an address we can send our 2014 supplies to eg BoyRob planning to make new outdoor cooking storage box
* good jumping off spot to explore Europe 2014; maybe even stop there again in winter 2014.

Turkey storage problematic because still nothing locked in, expensive fees, want us to take out exhorbitant insurance which we don't want to pay, can’t supply us an address until we arrive in Istanbul, plus won’t know outcome re 6+ months storage option in time to change course.

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