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Day 219 - Kisvarda to Eger - Mon 30 Sept

Day 219 - Kisvarda  to Eger - Mon 30 Sept
Up to a fine morning on which to wish Marina a happy birthday. Miles has discovered our very expensive autobahn pass is actually only valid for today! Grrr!!!! He will use his satellite phone to try to  resolve that issue. They will also search for Europe wide SIM card their friends told them about. Off towards Nyirregyhaza, beautiful road, and its only a (free!) tertiary one. Full plentiful apples in orchards, plots of single crops or vegetables in neat rows. Stopped at Tesco in Nyiregyhaza to use wifi to book flights out of Munich via Abu Dhabi,  great discrepancy in availability and cost - best deal ($3k+) for two was to fly straight through, we will be “wrecked” on arrival home on BoyRob’s birthday. Spent lengthy (enormously frustrating) time in Vodaphone getting SIM card of (hopefully!) 1gb that will cover Hungary and Austria. Very late getting on road at 2.15pm aiming for Eger along autobahn. Left roof up when we took off, another first, and a measure of tiredness and too long on road according to BoyRob who is really hunting for home now. Light coloured hawks on fence posts. Long legged cranes flying in groups of 4 or more. 

Eger is a wine region, famous for it’s "bulls blood", so named because in a 1552 battle, Eger’s residents (including women) fought the advancing Turks and managed to repel them. Supposedly the soldiers were given red wine to help them fight, and the Turks mistook it for the blood of bulls! Plenty of cellar doors opening underground into hills as we approach Witch Valley. Sighted the current fortress (built after the Mongol invasion 1241-42), but too late in afternoon for exploration. 

Drove to caravan park – paying for a campsite another first!! BoyRob cooked his famous hearty stew and we were thinking of adding sour cream and paprika for a Hungarian Goulash, but had a drink with MnM to celebrate Marina’s birthday, then were joined by Julia (yank) and husband Eskil (Swede) and we moved on to white wine, then champagne, then "Egri Víz" (alcoholic brandy), then Baileys, and somehow, in all the storytelling with new friends missed dinner totally….. 

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