Friday, 5 August 2016

Fri 5 Aug 2016. Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj to Skocjan Caves Park

Fri 5 Aug 2016. Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj to Skocjan Caves Park
Cool overcast morning, an easy start to chores, sat for an hour as the washing needed time to dry off the dew. 


Goodbye pretty Lake Bled

Drove out to Lake Bohinj, largest permanent lake in Slovenia. Its a "wow factor" lake at foot of mountains, filling a tectonically-induced basin shaped by the Bohinj glacier. 

Took the path through the forest to visit St John the Baptist church from the early 11th century. Some of internal murals have only recently been partially uncovered. The girl on site lamented the fact that with the declining numbers in the Christian clergy it was difficult to get a service held there anymore, only weddings and christenings.  She said St John’s has the distinction of being the most photographed church in Slovenia. 

St John the Baptist church

Four murals of St Christopher (once the patron saint of the horse and cart, but now of all travellers) adorn the exterior walls, the oldest from 1300's. 

Bye Lake Bohinj...

Drove back to highway towards Ljubljana, the quickest/calmest road to Skocjan Caves – BoyRob’s hip has begun to protest not only all the recent hikes up and down mountains, but also the more corrugated roads. Arrived mid arvo, in midst of a karst and sinkhole plain, not safe to try free camping here.  Pulled into the paddock below Dujceva Domacija Tourist Farm, on the old mill and race. Pretty spot but annoying flies because of horses, and river so still the mossies are about. Owner saw us drive in and picked up GirlRob in his jeep to book in with ID at reception at top of hill. 

Took a pretty walk along river, and only turned back when came across a substantial old stone wall. 

Bought vegetables from woman who set up a table in the paddock with the campers, looks like she does a good trade in the season. Cooked veggies with pork sausages, mighty fine meal to offset the cool and mist that descended with returning rain. Left annexe out to deflect rain from side of vehicle but had to get up and roll it back in once wind picked up through night.

Good meal for two burners!

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