Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Wed 3 Aug 2016. Ljubljana to Lake Bled

Wed 3 Aug 2016. Ljubljana to Lake Bled
Washed hair, checked out, did a grocery top-up, drove short 58kms to Lake Bled. Caught in traffic crawl from highway turnoff - Lake Bled is truly Vacation Central! 

Amazing view of lake on arrival, impressive castle on rock cliff overlooking lake, and church on an island in middle. 

Magical Lake Bled

Not a hope of getting into campground where Boomers stayed on edge of lake: "You no book??? No space to September!" We were lucky really, found a nicer forest campground, on nearby Sobec Lake, with views of Julian Alps (as the brochure said: 400 campsites over 15ha with natural resources protected by fairytale white chamois, the Goldhorn). 

GirlRob was happy to see five different birds over lunch, attracted by bird feeder in trees at next campsite/"pitch". 

Ah, so its always the early bird who catches the worm??

Caught up on internet, emails, photos and videos of grandchildren's latest antics, paid our half of Okanagen accommodation for Thanksgiving weekend in Canada at the end of this year’s trip. Explored the camp, followed river around perimeter of grounds to a man-made lake, hundreds of tenters, car campers, motorhomes, bungalows, and more vehicles arriving by the minute. If we could have avoided the summer season we would have. Place is full of things to do, mini golf, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, street football, badminton, in-ground trampolines, in-water amusement centres including giant balls to run around on the inside, fishing licence for river available at reception – wow. (Can't get used to it being OK in Europe for girls up to 10-11 to go nude or topless around water or in vacation towns though). Music, folklore shows, fire twirling, storytelling all available at the on-site tavern, restaurant or cafes! T'was eye-opening to find alcohol being sold on tap into takeaway cups or 2nd hand bottles!!

Take-away alcohol!!!

BoyRob cooked tomato and mushroom pasta for dinner whilst GirlRob wrote the now mandatory 5 postcards. After carting the dishes over to the amenities kitchen, found no hot water left. Grr… 

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