Thursday, 4 August 2016

Thurs 4 Aug 2016. Around Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge

Thurs 4 Aug 2016. Around Lake Bled and Vintgar Gorge
Our neighbour was up before dawn, decked out in his rubber overalls with fishing rod. Yay - a cold morning, BoyRob got his wish! Got to showers before most of the campers were up and about, whilst water was still hot. Tried our new muesli - mostly dry husks, sticks to roof of mouth. Yogurt was runny and deepest purple blueberry ever. We do miss our thick Greek yogurt (hope Total comes to Oz!)

Followed Pocket Earth to Vintgar Gorge to do its pretty walk today. Unfortunately the "shortcut" ended at an underpass suited only to electric cars and bicycles! Back we went the long way round, and eventually joined the queue at the ticket booth.

Vintgar is a gorgeous gorge in the Triglav National Park, surrounded by fir and beech forests, cut out through the vertical rocks of the Hom and Bort hills by the Radovna River. The water was rapid, rushing over rocks and into whirlpools, spraying up corners, down into momentarily still clear green pools, where it was easy to spot big trout, so lazy they were obviously protected. 

Trails, walkways and bridges were narrow, right along water’s edge - excellent viewing. 

The river opened out into flat area where visitors had constructed cairns (to seek blessings from the river gods we guessed). 

Enjoyed our lovely 1.6km walk in to (the less than spectacular) Sum Falls, "highest fluvial waterfall" in Slovenia (hmm). The single arch of the stone Bohinj railway bridge (constructed 1906) made the end more interesting. Ate our apples, then walked back same way hugging vertical walls in some places to get by. 

End of gorge

Back at parking area amazed to find the Australian ex-minister for mines and energy Martin Ferguson admiring our truck and map of trip. He seemed surprised to find another Aussie mining man in Slovenia, but his holiday concludes tomorrow and he was not inclined to stand around and yarn. 

Captured by a curious passer-by

Back to campground for very late lunch. GirlRob put on a load of washing, machines at a premium in a place this size. Waited an hour and grabbed one, followed instructions, didn't start, back to reception, cleaner got it started blah blah (never an easy day, washing day...) Oh, and then, went back an hour later as instructed, and it had only commenced washing, soaked everything and then shut down. Grrrr. Another 1.5hrs lost with walks back and forward to reception, site and laundry. 1.5 hrs later actually had one bag of washed washing. 4.5hrs in total - what a wasted afternoon. 

These fisherman's boots are made for wading

BoyRob oiled chairs and awning to make their operations smoother. Overcast coming in, too late to cook, had ham salad for dinner. Tried new hot chocolate sachets - er, make that "hot blue frothy milk" sachets, oh well, in foreign language supermarket stakes, you win some, you lose some. Decided by the end of the drink we actually liked it and won't throw it away after all! In midst of dinner our Slovenian fisherman neighbour decided to throw a party - it's turning out to be a long long night....

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