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Day 93 - Around Lijiang - Mon 27 May 2013

Day 93 - Around Lijiang - Mon 27 May 
Started exploration at BaiSha frescoes and temple, parking our Australian indigenous art beside the Naxi hieroglyphs (although didn't see any of these stick figures inside the compound….). The frescoes date between the Ming and the Qing dynasties, "a trinity of the Tibetan, the Han and the Naxi”. Continually surprised that we are able to get so close to national treasures and to be able to take photographs. Entrance to the Wenchang Palace was under the low-hanging split branches of a 500 year old Tamarix willow. The carved windows looked into gardens “full of the green and neat bonsai, the gentle wave of the fresh air, and smell of fragrance” It was certainly a tranquil space.

Took the bus through Old Shuhe village and on to Lijiang Old Town. Apparently the town layout was established around 3 streams, following the rules of Feng Shui. We started out at the water wheels and were told that to get out of the maze of complex and intricate narrow lanes we had to follow the stream up against the flow. Stalls were fascinating, as was the sign saying "don't forget to keep civilised behaviour during outing, and also shopping should be rational" (the men loved it!!) Sat to watch everything happening in the Square, including the traditional Nakhi people dancing.

Staff of restaurant opposite ours were not captivated by their leader's words....

Walking north to the foot of Elephant Hill we came to the heritage-listed Black Dragon Pool - we'd been looking forward to its famous reflection of the 13 peaks. Although disappointed to discover the pools drained/dry, we still enjoyed the walk around the picturesque Jade Spring Park, where they “uphold a primitive shangrila spirit - harmony between human and nature”.

    BoyRob SO pleased to see a eucalypt!
Even the waste has a temple of its own


We think we reaffirmed our vows in the Five Phoenix Tower when we followed a beckoning monk into a shrine room where he joined our hands together holding lit incense in prayer, shooing away evil spirits from our hands, heads, hearts. He then placed his hands on each head and shoulders and chanted over us. We “old lovers” left renewed and refreshed.  

Chairman Mao Zedong in Red Sun Square


Dinner at Lamus Tibetan - steep narrow stairs up, yak samosas, vegetarian lasagne, sat on low benches with colourful cushions, nice lamps, books with travellers comments. Rob used their hole in ground toilet then looked up to see sign "pee, no poo" (oops...) Had drinks at Guy’s camp, Jon and Jude demoed how to play badminton game we’d bought for our athletic children back home.

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  1. Enjoy the incredible beauties of China!!
    Will you be crossing through Mongolia also? Not much to see there.. haha, very flat and no trees, it just gets too cold there for about 11 months of the year.
    Safe travels through China and I look forward to some great pictures and stories