Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Day 86 & 87 - Around Dali – Mon 20 & Tues 21 May 2013

Day 86 & 87 - Around Dali – Mon 20 and Tues 21 May 
Drove to Shapin for Monday markets – unusual vegetables for sale; locals wearing traditional ethnic clothing with woven baskets on their backs. One persistent saleswoman trailed us all way and kept darting to other people’s stalls bringing us items to tempt.



Bought hats including embroidered cap with pigtail for BoyRob, and warrior hat with silver buddas and beads. Looked like the Bai women enjoyed the haggling game as much as we did (somehow they always won!). Delicious sweet fig roll for morning tea.
IMG_3981aIMG_3968aIMG_3967a                                                 IMG_3963a                                                   

On way back explored Xizhou Bai village, and its traditional architecture. Shown through a house surrounding central courtyard, internal earth well, old man peeling camellias.
IMG_4013a               IMG_4017aIMG_4055a             IMG_4047a

IMG_4036a              IMG_4053a

Shops below people’s apartments with metal shutters to close at end of day’s trade. Meat being hawked from trolleys. 
IMG_4019a                  IMG_4030a IMG_4031b                  IMG_4025a
Traditional hole in ground toilets had been beautifully tiled, and patrons without good glutes could converse side by side over low barricades!
IMG_4058b         IMG_4029a
Walked out on pier to view Erhai Lake, and along canal lined with bamboo light fittings for sale. Acres of large cut and polished ornamental rocks - most are ugly, as are local stoneware eg vases, ashtrays etc.
IMG_3995a            IMG_4001a       
IMG_3989a                 IMG_4004a
Dinner at Yunnan Restaurant, yak steak (good!) and eggplant and pork fried dumplings (also good!). Rained heavily but used the excuse to stand under awning to share another Belgium waffle.
IMG_4065a                             IMG_4068a
On Tues BoyRob took the chairlift up the 4000+mts Cang Shan mountain for a climb and walk with views over dizzying heights and lake in distance. Passed horses carrying rocks and cargo on trails up mountain. Very picturesque with babbling brooks, rhododendrons (petals used for cooking) and pine trees.


GirlRob washed doona cover and floor mats in twin tub (so boring), and researched upcoming Wanderoos leg of China trip. In afternoon went shopping in Old Town which was crowded with busloads of tourists, and satisfactorily helped Cheryl bargain down a jade necklet. Nightfall brought its own magic to Old Town. Dinner with Jon and Jude at Jim’s Tibetan Restaurant, delicious fried goats cheese and yak steak in chilli beans. Tried home-made grape wine,15% alcohol, aftertaste of metho!!

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