Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 89 – Tiger Leaping Gorge - Thurs 23 May 2013

Day 89 – Tiger Leaping Gorge - Thurs 23 May
Woke again to grey skies, mist curling between peaks, occasional drizzle. BoyRob improving which validates altitude sickness theory. Went out to look at where we’d ended up, walked over Shen Chuan Bridge, breathtaking view of surrounding gorge, the river a long long way down. 


Looked back towards Tina’s Bed and Breakfast and our campers, perched on edge of precipice. River is the Upper Yangtze (3rd largest river in world). Using hand-held walkie-talkies between driver and photographer, positioned Ozzie to take "glamour" shots parked on bridge. 

Retraced yesterday’s run along gorge so we could appreciate the spectacular views in daylight, road running along precipices, last night's rockfalls cleared to side of road (scarily, there had been an attempt to wire-net one rockface, but it had not stopped a slide there.....). 

Stopped to check out very basic mining operation (silver?), and caught fleeting glimpse of indigo blue bird. 

Returned to our perch for lunch.Subtle rainbow outlined against cliff-face. An old lady hobbled past us several times through day, peering quizzically, invited her to look inside and she was delighted, very voluble/ laughing when she saw toilet inside. 


Met Aussie backpackers our age, and English couple travelling with 4yr old plus 18month old twins - had guide plus nanny (most fortunate given the little daredevils kept running close to cliff edges). Tried Webasto stove - taking too long to heat/not working. Had dinner with Guy and Cheryl at Tina's, breathtaking view, menu written on never-ending unfolding bamboo mat. Mint tea made with half cup leaves and hot water poured over. Rain again overnight.

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  1. Love those photos of Leaping Tiger gorge and Ozzie on the bridge! You should have won the EC photocomp with those!
    Beryl Turner (EC 28)