Monday, 27 May 2013

Day 92 – Shangri La to Lijiang - Sun 26 May 2013

Day 92 – Shangri La to Lijiang - Sun 26 May
Happy Birthday number one daughter Naomi! (Sorry couldn't connect with phone calls)
Lovely sunny blue sky morning. Left following leisurely breakfast, sad to leave our taste of Tibet. Oh dear, firecrackers going off in drum in back of driving ute! Mobile Bee enterprises along side of road, following pink, white and purple gorse flowers in bloom, apiarists living in tents. Wild azaleas so beautiful among small pines. Plenty of learner drivers out, practicing hill starts. Bunch of people stopped in big patch of purple gorse (what are they doing/collecting?); pigs foraging too. New Yunnan Tibetan two-story houses with decorated wall under eaves -some buildings have beautiful atriums eg full side-wall of glass to capture sunlight. 

Gorgeous views of agricultural paddies dwarfed by snow-capped mountains. Guy and Miles having burn/ emission issues with the pollution control devices on their Isuzus, trying to avoid their vehicles going into "limp-home" mode at altitude. It's a frustrating feature given the lure of the surrounding snowy heights. Nevertheless, they are both pleased  to be losing altitude on drive to Lijiang today. Guy had small bingle driving thru town - woman darted in front of him at traffic lights, with no room left he skidded into back of her. No damage to the Bee, but her boot had slight dent. Woman open and shut her boot, gestured OK, and drove off, so hopefully no repercussions. Found spectacular campsite on flat open ground facing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for next day or two - blessed relief from fishbowl of carparks…

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