Saturday, 25 June 2016

Sat 25 Jun 2016. Gallipoli to Ipsala (Turkey), to Komotini and Kavala (Greece)

Sat 25 Jun 2016. Gallipoli to Ipsala (Turkey), to Komotini and Kavala (Greece)
GirlRob woke with migraine, spoiling an otherwise cool, idyllic setting. Bumped our way down the rough track after breakfast waiting first for a couple of tractors, then for a flock of sheep to move out of the way.

Drove from Gallipoli to Ipsala, pulled into servo for fuel and car wash to finish last of Turkish currency. Easy pass through Turkish Customs and passport control - fewer soldiers manning bridge over no mans land today, all smiling or saluting us. We wish miss the Turks smiles, friendliness and willingness to help (and probably their decent roads!) Entry into Greece was a very different matter, only one car lane open, approx 20 cars before us, and 8 bikes, very slow progress - 2 hours, a long crossing for us (worse for bikers standing out in sun).

Greece - good road to start, green hills, sunflowers, not near as much agriculture as Turkey. Road toll €6 based on height (officer lowered a bar to measure us). Little roadside prayer "letterboxes", miniature orthodox churches. Dark-legged storks or cranes in fields. Olive trees, white houses, terracotta tiled roofs. 

Turned into Kavala, obviously a resort town, hit the high, twisty, narrow streets we'd been warned about.

Pulled into Batis Camping, right on the beach (for all the good it did us - wall to wall umbrellas covered every inch of sand). BoyRob put on casserole of beef, eggplant, peppers and Turkish spices with rice whilst GirlRob wrung out washing at site. When she went to find clean rinsing water, was surprised to find washing machines in a laundry. One had a sign saying " private" and one seemed spare, ie had clothes in it that were rinsed and spun. After waiting for owner for 10 minutes, GilRob moved the clothes into the dryer, and put hers in - owner came in and gave her a serve, saying "this private machine, paid money". No apologies or offer to pay soothed the irate camper and GirlRob went meekly back to hand washing. Things improved with such a good dinner and an unexpected air show: turns out it was Thassos WWI Aviators Golden Anniversary, an "I love Greece" holiday, with jet flyovers, aerial synchronisation, smoke trails and hearts, and aerial acrobatics. 

A light breeze came up after our showers and a cuppa, but not much cooler inside Ozzie, so had to get the big fan out for a more restful sleep...

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