Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sun 19 Jun 2016. Around Cappadocia

Sun 19 Jun 2016. Around Cappadocia
Awoke at 5am to sound of hot air balloons releasing their air jets close by. Rushed outside to a beautiful morning, skies filled with 35 or more colourful balloons drifting over the fairy chimneys and the medieval city on the hillside. We sat on compacted earth ledge and waved to people up in their baskets calling out to us. So pleasant to have a cooler morning. 

Show over, we persevered with the showers built into terraced hillside until the promised hot water finally arrived. Ahmed, the owner, recommended valleys to visit, the best balloonists (is he on commission?), and how to find Post Office for money exchange. Moved into a better camp spot (wider, more shade, directly over internet modem) and checked where to find a replacement Dometic window - looks like Australia is it, damnation! Sent email to our EC friends re how best to pursue. Sent email to QBE alerting a claim will be made on our return to Oz for expenses accrued due to cancellation of Stockholm flight. FaceTimed Naomi & Sew, Neko was really happy to see us, laughing and blowing kisses! Enjoyed a (yay cold!) swim in the campground pool after lunch. 

Campground lounge was very Turkish...
Something just doesn't look right...??

Drove out mid-afternoon when heat had passed its zenith, driving around the rim of the awesome canyons. 

What has no legs and slithers??
A picture tells a thousand words...

We think we found most of the picturesque sites Ahmed had recommended: Pigeon Valley, Pillars of Stone, Three Beauties, Rose Valley, Ortahisar Castle, Camel Rock, Love Valley and Pashabagi Fairy Chimneys (some of which were definitely phallic, with one stall selling “natural" viagra!) 

Ortahisar Castle

Is this the start of a brand new fairy chimney??

Weathering line really obvious

Make that the Four Beauties...
If this is the ladder in, kids would have to learn to climb fast...

Camel Rock

Pretty sure we found Love Valley....

... and the Pashabagi Fairy Chimneys...

Drove back to camp as sun was setting. GirlRob cleaned out the white dust that had come in the windowless back of the truck from driving the off-road tracks, whilst BoyRob made a pasta with pesto and Turkish ropey cheese for dinner. It was a good night for a cold glass of wine.

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