Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wed 1 Jun 2016. Schweinfurt (Germany) to Scharding (Austria)

Wed 1 Jun 2016. Schweinfurt (Germany) to Scharding (Austria)
Raining and dull morning. Put rest of washing in dryer whilst we had showers and cereal breakfast. Picked up new house batteries - bonus, smaller than in catalogue, might fit in holders after all! Back to Mercedes; they are being wonderful fitting us in immediately each day. GirlRob went back to canteen to charge devices, and replan route considering we might get out of town (maybe even out of Germany?) this afternoon. We will lose opportunity to see Prague this trip now (hopefully add to next year) The only critical date is Vienna on 4th June as we have pre-booked Lipizzaner Horses. Picked up car charger with four ports, stocked up on groceries ("Germany don't do no spray oil"), bakery for lunch, fuelled up, tricky looking for German stamps for the PigTown postcards.

Hooray - we actually got to the driving part of our holiday at last!! Headed out to A3, towards Regensburg and Passau, still a dull day, rain just holding off. Apparently much of southern Germany is flooded at present. Truck numbers are amazing on motorway, and solar panel fields are going up everywhere.

Crops falling over under heavy rain

Stopped for break at Jura. Amazing system for truckers to sleep, pay and go into lanes depending on time of departure, staggered every 15-30mins. Smell of urine/ faeces coming from bushes at side of road overpowering though. Steady rain once on road again. Parts of crops fallen over with rain. Passed new stadium near Regensburg. Through Deggendorf before turning south towards Austria, Passau's white buildings shining in shaft of late afternoon sun. 

BoyRob decided to push on to Scharding and free camp by river where we stayed two years ago. We will miss Germany's pleasantness, cleanliness and efficiency.
Drove the bridge over a swollen fast-flowing River Rott, and through narrow archway into small quaint Scharding. It was very obvious our riverside Stellplatz was now under water. As it was already 7pm we needed to find another campsite alternative not too far away. Pulled over into space in front of Nandzik Tyres where we’d purchased our new tyres 18months ago, and lo and behold, Michael pulled up behind us - said he'd seen the truck in town and was following to say hello. He was delighted we'd remembered him, and hearing our quest, offered us the yard behind his shop for the night: off the road, concrete underfoot and locked gate - brilliant solution!! Neither of us felt like a cooked meal so had fruit and yogurt for dinner (and both feeling better to be shedding the extra Swedish kilos!!)

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