Friday, 4 May 2018

Fri 4 May 2018. St Florians Day in Upper Austria

Fri 4 May 2018. St Florians Day in Upper Austria
Zupps has sourced a part in Melbourne - with turbo charger, gaskets, bolts and freight, the exercise will cost just under $4k (gulp) (big gulp). Handed over credit card details, and called off rest of troops. It now remains to wait until part arrives, expected in Austria Mon 14 (but then there will be Customs to deal with…) It appears we won’t be on the road until approx Fri 18, leaving 5 days to get to Rotterdam. So much for Leg One of our journey....

Back to vehicle for necessary goods and chattels, Erich generously loaning us his mini-van until Monday. Fueled up, and went a longer way back to Andorf via Goldberg. Spotted a striking coloured pheasant and another crested bird in the fields. Discussed options to explore surrounding countryside, maybe going to Prague overnight. 

Andorf's sister church...

Long live the pheasant....
Booked hire car online for a week from Monday. Went for an evening walk, surprised to find clusters of people walking toward main town bridge in brown dress uniforms with lapels and medals. We followed the growing crowd who formed themselves into a parade behind a marching band. The line turned into St Stephen’s church for a service. It turned out to be St Florian’s Day, the patron saint of chimney sweeps, soap makers and firefighters. The marching local men, women and young people were firefighters, emergency services and cadets. 
The Andorf RatHaus (Town Hall)

Oops - don't think we were supposed to park in the church square on St Florian's Day

Went through maps and brochures of possible destinations with Heidi - the option of a taking a scenic boat from Passau to Linz taking our initial interest. Heidi tells us she is fifth generation of her family running Baubock Gasthaus, and her sons will eventually be 6th.

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