Saturday, 5 May 2018

Sat 5 May 2018. Day trip to Reichersberg Abbey and Scharding Old Town

Sat 5 May 2018. Day trip to Reichersberg Abbey and Scharding Old Town
GirlRob’s conjunctivitis slowly clearing, but sinus infection spreading to chest - luckily began a course of Dr Deb the Travel Doctor’s antibiotics yesterday because today woke with sore throat as well. Well, best way to deal with vehicle and health woes is to go out and forget about them, which Wanderoos did. Headed to one of Heidi’s suggestions - the baroque Reichersberg Abbey on the River Inn, owned by Augustinian Canons since 1084. The marble fountain is crowned with figure of St Michael. The leaflet said that in 2002 a painting “Massacre of Innocents” was found to be an original Reubens and sold for 75m. No more worries with upkeep!!

Poster suggests there is a Blessing of the Bikes Day

Peeked into cemetery, eerie seeing new graves on top of old ones. Had made tea in our travel mugs at breakfast in hotel - they were a perfect addition to our picnic lunch in the Abbey Gardens, avocado on seeded crackers, then sat with face up to sun in peaceful surrounds, it was such a beautiful day.

Still pondering this one.....

Drove up to Scharding for a walk in old town, briefly looked inside their dark, mouldy-smelling church; better out in open down over the bridge into Germany briefly to feed the ducks, geese, swans and chicks.

Race you for it Dad

Could've sworn there were three.....

Returned to Andorf via Sankt Florian am Inn to have a quick look at St Florian’s church now our interest has been piqued, but it was closed after yesterday’s festivities.

Calzone and kebab for dinner from the Turkish cafe. Like other locals we have met they look so puzzled when they ask why we are here!!

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