Thursday, 3 May 2018

Thurs 3 May 2018. Goodbye Austria, hello Czech Republic (Not!!)

Thurs 3 May 2018. Goodbye Austria, hello Czech Republic (Not!!)
GirlRob’s left eye more swollen, even the right eye felt sticky. Farewell our European home away from home. Drove to supermarket for meat, fish, veggies and milk, even found 9v rectangular battery for smoke alarm, and de-scaler liquid for kettle. 
Bye Heidi - probably won't see you again....

We were not even 2km down road when Oh No, Oh No! sudden loss of power and huge clouds of black smoke pouring from back of truck. Turned around immediately, heading back to our mechanic at Raab, agonisingly slow getting up each of the two hills in first gear. Awful smell of burnt fuel as we made it. Erich was head down in midst of four trucks - definitely not happy to see us interrupting his plans. Good-heartedly though he ushered us into the workshop. We evacuated all (freshly-packed!) items from inside truck cabin, all items from top boxes spread out on tarps; inside items including bolster, table, duffle bags were piled on bed. Cabin then tilted forward to expose motor and find source of problem.

Commentary from Erich: “Rubber is here inside turbo, should not be. The prognosis turbo, he is killed. You could drive 1km maybe 10 km and he explode and kill rest of motor. So how do we get in? What’s dis? Where is rubber ring from dis new air filter, here is orange, where is black? Could this be in turbo?? This is what I call a nightmare! I don’t believe anybody in Europe has dis turbo”. BoyRob grabbed rego paper for engine numbers etc and all went off to office to make calls.

GirlRob tried to make herself useful putting away groceries, putting new battery into smoke alarm, de-scaling kettle, making lunch. With precious little information later, back Wanderoos went cap in hand to our hotel looking for a room for at least a week. Erich tried his contacts across Europe, BoyRob got in touch with Joao Paolo in Portugal who has helped us out so well in the past - but the sad story came back from everyone that Europe has no need of Mitsubishi parts from Japan. There will be no quick fix. BoyRob sat up until midnight to call Zupps in Brisbane for the spare parts.

We'll have to get used to these bells

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