Thursday, 10 May 2018

Wed & Thurs 9-10 May 2018. Around Andorf and Raab

Wed & Thurs 9-10 May 2018. Around Andorf and Raab
BoyRob spent day at Erich’s workshop replacing seals and rubber strips in shower cubicle, and in both top boxes. GirlRob spent morning in hotel charging devices, doing emails, blog, downloading and editing photos, backing up laptop, and clothes washing “smalls” by hand. Walked around town and bought meatloaf and sauerkraut from deli for sandwich lunch. It’s a bummer not having access to our fridge and teapot.
Looking for your cords??
Must be bored to photograph the smalls....

Fountain opens for summer
Eternal spring

Ate dinner tried hand-pressed ginger “limonade”, which was delicious, with a lot of “kick”. Wrangled Hans’ secret recipe to make at home. Not hungry with all this eating out, just asparagus soup for dinner.

Thurs: Another Christian and public holiday; bells pealing, people going to Mass, no-one in streets, car parks. Asked staff on breakfast who has a little English: “Christ, sky, up” -sounded like Resurrection? But too long since Easter. Ah, Ascension! Collected extra bread roll, cheese triangles and filled our mugs with tea as no shops will be open (again!).
BoyRob at Erich’s workshop trying to find and seal water leaks (1) due to water hammer replaced in 2013 which now leaks in back driver’s side locker whenever water pump is turned on, and (2) leak behind kitchen shelves under the stove, a slow leak when the hot water is turned on. Erich welded Wanderoos a plate/bracket for the cracked stand on top of the cabin, that supports the two top boxes. He does excellent work but gets distracted/ annoyed when we hang around too long. BoyRob had to ensure the 4th bolt not secured for leg to Rotterdam because one person can’t undo to remove them to fit in shipping container. Fortunately we’ll only be travelling on highways for those few days travel. Drove around surrounding towns for a break. 

Packed light bags for Prague. Received TNT tracking number from Zupps - turbo charger is due by 6pm Mon 14th - hopefully Erich will get it by Tues pm, fit Wed, we can depart at latest on Thursday for Ormocar Hauenstein Germany approx 500kms. Sent them another email - can they fit us in Fri 18th to repair our two leaks?

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