Sunday, 10 July 2016

Sun 10 Jul 2016. Nopigia to Prevelli Beach and Agia Galini

Sun 10 Jul 2016. Nopigia to Prevelli Beach and Agia Galini
A relaxing lie-in, beaches are the best! Made bacon and eggs for breakfast, nearby campers looking over longingly. Passers-by Nicholas (Greek) and Fabulous Susan (Irish) introduced themselves and stayed for a chat, inviting us to meet them in Ireland next year. We reckon they'd be fun to go to the pub with! Bought eggs, pomegranate juice and olive oil. Wanted fresh bread, but the shopkeeper said, "We Greeks are too lazy to bake on Sundays"! 
Oh dear, it was our latest departure time to date – almost noon. Took highway back to Rythmo, before turning south to find the old bridge, stream and canyon that Nicholas and Susan told us about. Came across the Kourtaliotis Gorge suddenly, and it was as spectacular as promised, towering multicoloured cliffs and deep cleft down below. Apparently it’s a roosting site for Lammergeier vulture, but we didn’t see one! No waterfall running at this time of the year either. 


Along Megalos Potamos, found old Gefira Bridge with its inscriptions; ducks swimming in running water. It looked a cool oasis so we turned into the restaurant for lunch - BoyRob had a good octopus salad, and GirlRob a delicious stuffed burger with tzatziki (reckon we can make this one at home!) Once again the bill arrived with free alcohol (rocket fuel) and cake.

Returned to vehicle sated, turned on to an often-hairy dirt road with loose gravel and eroded edges, winding along cliffs with steep drop offs, somewhat disconcerting to come face-to-face with returning vehicles as we rounded bends. Fortunately all the little cars gave in first and backed up to a passing spot. 

Arrived at Prevelli Beach, wind blowing fiercely. The “just 400 metres along the track” turned into a kilometre up the cliff with steep or no steps. The views were worth the scramble, the clearest, most exquisite blue-green water, islands and rocky shoreline.

Unfortunately Palm Gorge was fenced off preventing exploration, but the swim in the waters of the Libyan Coast was fresh and exhilarating! The water was really cold on entry but then deeply refreshing, floating on a gentle swell and crystal clear. Voted best ocean swim ever! Between the wind and the sun totally dry by return to car - very tempting to stay for the night, but we leave Crete tomorrow night on the ferry, and there's still more to see. 

Retraced our dusty steps and road to the Gorge and turned towards Agia Galini - a bit of a letdown after the magic of our previous stop. 

Watch that corner BoyRob!

It was getting late when we pulled into "Camping No Problem", not hungry, so just had a bowl of (giant!) cherries and yoghurt for dinner. Had a swim in the pool, and left a load of clothes at the office for laundry (they're SO protective of washing machines in Greece!) 

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