Thursday, 7 July 2016

Thurs 7 Jul 2016. Athens to Crete vehicle ferry

Thurs 7 Jul 2016. Athens to Crete vehicle ferry
Put everything back in place in top boxes, in console, front well, pockets, holders etc, plugged devices back into power jacks. Did 3 loads washing (third load because GirlRob didn’t realise she had cut her fingers and bled all over sheets as she hung them out the first time) Made lunch, grabbed all dried washing, threw on unmade bed, paid, departed camp. No emails from DHL, no pick-up on phonecalls, so into town to DHL office once more. Thoroughly disgusted with this mob now, today again a total wasted exercise, no parcels at depot, our replacement window-pane still being held by customs, no one had got back to us with information on the item’s whereabouts regardless of emails and phonecalls. GirlRob refused to budge from counter, in end they promised both parcels would be cleared by our return from Crete on morning of 12th. Further there would be 78 in taxes and clearance fees on the window pane alone! GirlRob was beyond politically-correct speech by then...

Drove down to Piraeus and southern beaches, pretty drive, fuelled up. Shocked to see the Olympic Village and sports infrastructure now decayed; an overgrown, graffiti-covered, garbage-strewn refugee camp.

Hello beautiful gum trees!

Picked up our return ferry tickets to Crete at A-Superfast terminal, parked on wharf and had salad and crackers for dinner, watching all port activity. Refugees mixing with passengers, begging. Aghast at one of the ferries half sunk at its mooring (not exactly a confidence booster for prospective passengers...) 

We are NOT taking this ferry!

Lined Ozzie up to board, admiring skills of prime-mover drivers, backing up ramps, “turning on a dime” and squeezing loads nose-to-tail into impossible places with just centimetres to spare. BoyRob parked as directed and had to clamour over the centre console to exit the cab. Motorbikes hemmed us in on all sides. As the sun set, watched the rest of the boarding from a deck seven levels high, listening to the howls of the locked-up dogs in kennels a deck below. Ferry was 1 hour late departing Athens. GirlRob was careful to eat light from the buffet not knowing whether the crossing would be steady or not...

Competitor - who will arrive first??

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