Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sun 31 Jul 2016. Around Plitvice Lakes, to Karlovac

Sun 31 Jul 2016. Around Plitvice Lakes, to Karlovac
Started early to beat the crowds. Walked the Upper Lakes for four hours today, past 8 of the green and blue lakes. More of the impressive long-drop waterfalls today, although the cascades over the rocks in the forest itself were really pretty too. 

Think you would have heard this one fall...

Gradinsko Lake:

Sooo beautiful.....
Not sure if one of the flowers spotted was an orchid; found fungus, water grasses and wild flowers. In one of the pools watched a camouflaged frog sneak up on one of the large indigo and brilliant green dragonflies - without success. 

Mali Prstavac drop:



Heat increased steadily in afternoon, glad most of the walk was in shade, so happy to see the bus-train at top to take us down again. Noticed the sinkholes on walk back to carpark.
Agreed it was one of the best national parks ever - although there were villages inside it, there was strictly no swimming, absolutely no rubbish, the boats were all electric or rowboats so there was no pollution of these pristine waters. The only criticism we had was that pet dogs were allowed, a couple menacing anyone who came near their owners, or getting into a fight with each other. We asked one of the Rangers who agreed they could be a nuisance but said “policy set high up”. 

Would have liked to see national dress and dance

Pulled out of oven-like carpark as more buses were arriving, on the road north towards Zagreb. Stopped at boring-looking campground, AutoCamp Radonja - as owner said, people pull in from mid-afternoon onwards just to get off road and use amenities. He still wanted 20 though! Asked us to park on sandy ground as the weather forecast promised rain - we chased the very little shade around until other campers arrived. Hand washed the two days’ worth of stinky clothes. Ham salad wrap for dinner, followed by local jelly cake with raspberries. GirlRob just managed to finish her book before giving in to fatigue...

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