Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Wed 6 Jul 2016. Around Athens

Wed 6 Jul 2016. Around Athens (or service, service, and nothing but the service..)
Took Ozzie to Mitsubishi Motors for its 80,000km service - got three different instructions where to park/ book in. Half hour later, instructions and keys left, caught bus to metro - surprised it was so full and traffic appalling compared to last two days. Ah - the reason, trains and metro on strike all day. What an absolute debacle - people standing in long queues everywhere, taxis not taking any money but metered rides. Athens held to ransom! Managed to get bus (crowded to gunnels) to get back out of city. Met Penny (nose to nose!), social anthropologist who is considering going on to do her Masters as she can't get a job in Greece. Gave her our card, but don't really know how we could help. 
Waited another hour in Mitsubishi customer lounge checking online. Drat, found out the “top museum” featuring the statue of The Charioteer was actually in Delphi - we’d walked right past it, grrr… 

Finally Ozzie was ready, not too bad a price compared to last service. Followed poor instructions to find place to get wheels rotated (they wear on wall if aren't changed regularly). The owner put it over pit and measured, went for drive, pronounced tyres didn't need rotating, so off we went again.

Everything a man could need in one kiosk...

Had an irritating hour trying to find out what has happened to our DHL parcels. In most phonecalls, staff would hang up as soon as they heard GirlRob/English. Finally heard that both the laptop and the replacement window pane are delayed in Customs. Sent them an email outlining that both items are not new, and the reason we are bringing them into the country. Will have to wait for response emails to find out what taxes, fees or charges they might charge. We certainly won't have the items before sailing to Crete tomorrow night, which means longer delays in Athens.

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