Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sun 24 Jul 2016. Kotor (Montenegro) to Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Sun 24 Jul 2016. Kotor (Montenegro) to Dubrovnik (Croatia)
Got up early for breakfast to avoid being moved on. Took photos of beautiful reflections in the still morning waters of our special "fjord". 

Drove out towards Dubrovnik, road wider than expected. Better views of Our Lady of the Rocks on its island. Not far today, 60km including border crossing into Croatia at Plocice. 

Our Lady of the Rocks

Dr Franjo Tudman bridge
Border into Croatia

Pretty drive along coast and excellent view down over Dubrovnik as we approached, the birds eye views of the Old City circled by yachts, motor boats and cruise liners were magnificent. Pulled into Camping Solitudo (350+ sites) in the hills above the town, accepting €50 daily fee because of the proximity to bus lines (Vasselien had told us apartments in Kotor were cheaper!) Didn’t dally, followed our map and went into Old City by bus. Followed crowd over stone bridge through Pila Gate, passing historic Great Onofrio’s Fountain.

Pila Gate

Great Onofrio’s Fountain

Originally built in 1300’s, the Romanesque style Franciscan Monastery complex housed a church with bell tower, library and pharmacy (third oldest in world still functioning). Above the portal is an almost life size Pieta topped by the Father Creator, and flanked by St Jerome (holding model of pre-earthquake church) and St John the Baptist.

Colonnade of the Cloister
Franciscan Monastery

Original lunette - Virgin Mary holding her dead son

Wandered narrow streets looking up alleyways and into shops, admiring buskers and musicians in traditional costume.

Hello Cocky!

Statue of St Vlaho wearing a gold bishop’s mitre stands high on roof of St Blaise Baroque church.

The Palaca Sponza, the Gothic/Renaissance palace, derived its name from rainwater collection point. It showcases Bishop statue with pointed cone hat in a niche above arches.

The Jesuit Church of St Ignatius was firmly padlocked - oh well....

Old Port was busy with the Sunday lunchtime crowd.

Took cable car up Srd Hill and admired views over Grad, the Old City, islands off coast, and ships cruising the crystal-clear Adriatic. There was a huge Cross on peak. We could see across to the ruins of Fort Imperial (and ever more gun emplacements).

St Lawrence fortification is now used for concerts

Fort Imperial

Beautiful view up the Adriatic Coast

Back down and into Old City, through Ploce Gate this time.

Went into St Dominic’s church, a Dominican Priory, with its signature golden crucifix in the central arch above the main altar. A nun was closing up, and grudgingly allowed us a quick walk around.

Maybe marking where a tomb used to be?

We weren't so lucky at the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin as a mass was in progress.

St Blaise is patron saint of Dubrovnik

Building adjacent to Palaca Sponza was Knezev dvor, the Rectors Palace which hosts Summer concerts in the Atrium- we peeked in at a group of string musicians warming up.

Famous poet Gundulic

Watched lights come on, guards at gate were collected by their officer and marched off at dark. Wanderoos shared a pizza for dinner - salmon, mushrooms, capers and olives (once upon a time GirlRob wouldn't have eaten over half of those ingredients!) Back by bus, crowded, sweltering all way home...

BoyRob filled water bottle at Great Onofrio’s Fountain

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