Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 130: San Lucar to Seville - Fri 12 Sept, 2014

Day 130: San Lucar to Seville - Fri 12 Sept, 2014
Happy birthday sister Kathy! Pleasure to leave our yucky camp this morning, on road for Seville. Passed tiny vineyard in midst of roundabout (ha!) and signs for upcoming bullfight. Nicer out in country, goat teetering on edge of tin fence with all hooves together ready to flee farmyard. Through rural towns not yet awake at 10am. Into first tentative campground outside Seville, long closed. Chanced Aires in midst of city, which sounded complicated through two manned gates at rear of auto repairs, but turned out to be more than suitable, with access to customer lounge, showers/ toilets, air-con and free wifi!

We didn't dally, walked to bus stop and disembarked in walking distance of Alcazar dating back to 700 - what a beautiful palace, a triumph of Moorish architecture.



The Patio of Dolls had decorative ceramic tiles and stuccoed Arabesque indulgence. Loved the tiles whether geometric or floral, themed or grotesque. 

Halls, courtrooms, chapels and salons had magnificent Flemish tapestries, elaborate hanging canvases and display cases of ornamental fans

Magnificent ceiling of Ambassadors Hall

The outdoors was just as magnificent, facade walls running the perimeter, enclosing pools, fountains, carp/goldfish, gardens, mazes. Sat down to rest weary feet and write postcards to send to our grand-boys who gratifyingly await their arrival with enthusiasm!



Finally sated with Reales Alcazares, meandered through Square and stalls, passed Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla (such a fancy name for a bullring), shame there is no show in this city coming up soon...


Stayed in town for Flamenco Dancing dinner and show at El Patio Sevillano, with an enticing menu of fish pie with red caviar, stuffed pepper bake and prawns, and Crema Catalana washed down with jugs of sangria. Skilled and energetic dancers, fast stomping feet, castanets, fans, capes, and flashing legs under colourful swishing skirts backed by Spanish guitar and clapping singers. Lead male was excellent got so hot he "just had" to start to disrobe... Plump older señora still could flamenco! (we wondered if it was a cameo appearance by owner??) and the young lad learning the ropes was a crowd favourite. 

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