Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 134: Porto Cova to Lisbon - Tues 16 Sept, 2014

Day 134: Porto Cova to Lisbon - Tues 16 Sept, 2014
Hard rainstorm in early morning, HUGE thunderclap would have woken whole camp! Cool and sunny. Off on coast road - much bigger surf this morning, sea-mist and waves over road. Past ostrich farm (feathers for fans and hats?) Bypassing Sines, looks much too industrial, rejoining highway to Lisbon. Passed cork wood plantations, bark stripped to halfway on trees, trunks numbered with white paint. Cork products in gift shop at morning tea stop - shoes, handbags, aprons, umbrellas...striking, soft chamois type leather, but very pricey. 

Passed new statue of Christ the King dominating the skyline (erected to celebrate safe passage during WWII due to Portugal's neutrality) and drove impressive 25 April Bridge (their Golden Gate look-a-like, except its pink) into Lisboa. 

After maneuvering the spaghetti junction, we found well-situated Aires down near wharf - central to monuments, attractions and open-top bus stop, but the nearby carpark at ferry terminal was more shady, and full of motor homes, so decided to stay there unless we get kicked out.


Lisbon quite spread out so took hop on/off bus - Citadel Palace, squares, statues, ornate buildings (some awful exterior tiling!) glimpsed St Jorge Castle up on hill, the funicular, and admired distinctive patterns on cobblestones. Listened to Fado music in between English commentary. 



Open top less fun in rainstorm!


Ooh - wince.....

Strange student ritual...
...police not interested....

Jumped off bus to see Gulbenkian Museum (an Armenian who made his fortune in oil), an eclectic collection of art, glassware, coins, carpets, silverware, ivories, furniture, manuscripts (Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Mesopotamian, Far-Eastern and European), including painting and sculpture of some of the Old Masters (Rodin, Degas, Monet, Manet, Reubens, Rembrandt, Turner, Gainsborough).  




GirlRob was also taken with temporary exhibition from early 1900s of art nouveau jewellery and gemstone accessories by Renee Lalique. 

Caught bus, and more sights before heading back to camp...

Ooh tourists - be on best behaviour!!

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