Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Day 141: Around Madrid - Tues 23 Sept, 2014

Day 141: Around Madrid - Tues 23 Sept, 2014
Slept in, did chores, walked to Metro to catch train into city, surprised to be entertained by a lively flute player and singer on Spanish guitar. 

Alcala Gate

Catedral Almudena

Spain is a very Catholic country

Celebrated our anniversary early with special lunch at swish restaurant, delicious entree of tiny sausage, breaded cheese and mushroom croquette, followed by baked cod and asparagus. Spent afternoon on hop on/off buses, took both blue line then the green line becoming oriented to the city - passed stately buildings, palace, museums, plazas, theatres and botanical gardens. 

Metropolis landmark

Neptune's Fountain

Startling railway station....

Gardens becoming russet in Autumn

El Oso y el Madrono

Sometimes it was the glimpses of people's lives that were more interesting...


Back to caravan park. Leftover chicken and rice on toast for dinner.

Exporting Oz culture to the world....

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