Sunday, 28 September 2014

Day 146: Around Bilbao - Sun 28 Sept, 2014

Day 146: Around Bilbao - Sun 28 Sept, 2014
Overcast and warm, 22˚ on BilboBus to city. Hardly anyone around at 10.30am! Walked through Old Town, coffee in square with church.  

Intersection of the Seven Streets

Went into archeological museum, pre-historic to Stone Age to Iron Age to Roman conquerors to agriculture to modern day. Arrow heads from silica rock, skeletons buried with bowl at feet, carved tombs, runic and burial stones, pottery, ship reclaimed from muddy quarry. Many of the exhibits spoke for themselves, but as there were no English signs, leaflets or audio, it was somewhat hard going...

Fragment of monolithic window

Decided against ethnographic museum without translation, and embarked on modern ethnography instead - observing people who were arriving in city en masse to enjoy Sunday afternoon! Basque band, traditional dress. 

Found Plaza Nueva, square with antiques and book sales, stamps, coins and cards - couldn't believe the numbers of child collectors there with parents, trading and crossing off sought after items from their lists. 

Aussie budgies on show...

Had lunch of delicious highly decorated pintxos with red wine, GirlRob surviving her first/accidental taste of octopus....

Outside Old Town ran into anti-abortion parade in front of picturesque Arriaga Theatre (named after "the Spanish Mozart"), lots of speeches, music and dancing. 

Back to campsite in hills for arvo, pulled out all internal cupboards and plastic boxes from outside, threw out dated food won't eat this year before we store vehicle over winter. Culled cutlery (including "Amazing Bag Sealers" we'd bought at camping show), cooking dishes (too many), cake pans (never made any), plasticware (too many), laundry gear (including "Amazing Scrubber" we'd sent for over internet), electronics (outdated), books (read) etc, etc. Finally got rid of bags we'd been shuffling from bed to seat daily, that had accumulated with no place to live permanently. Quite cathartic! Rearranged final three weeks itinerary with Boomers on their return from their day exploring. Ate leftover spaghetti with Roquefort sausage and last bottle of Australian red wine. Talked to some Italian tourists who were so impressed with our trip they gifted us a packet of Italian biscotti.

Goodbye lovely view...

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