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Day 142: Around Madrid - Wed 24 Sept, 2014

Day 142: Around Madrid - Wed 24 Sept, 2014
Happy Birthday grandson Nathan! Had to be satisfied to leave messages when couldn't get him on house phone or mobile. Took train from Canilljas to city, changing lines for Museo del Prado - famed Art Gallery. 


Imagine affording a maid to walk your dog...


Grand Salon

We thoroughly enjoyed the Prado Museum, but couldn't believe we spent almost six hours (including lunch) there going through the permanent and temporary exhibitions (El Greco and Goya). Very well laid out and signed, but helped by audio guide and by booklet we bought on the different collections. 



The curator had put similar paintings side by side to point out which painter or style may have influenced another eg the influence of El Greco's Nobleman with Hand on his Chest on the fabulous Picasso. 

Very much enjoyed the Old Masters in the Spanish, English, Italian and Flemish collections, including van der Weyden's Descent from the Cross.

It was a special treat to see Bruegel as well as a feature on Hieronymus Bosch (both favourites of previous teacher GirlRob). Wanderoos overheard a guide say she could see a kangaroo in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights but that was some stretch!! 

Busy, busy Bruegel

Triptych that forms the Garden of Earthly Delights

Kangaroo?? Hmm, maybe if you are not an Australian....

Goya's Saturn Devouring his Son was particularly macabre...

It was a delight to find Renoir's portrait of Camille Monet Reading but felt we had seen it elsewhere????? 

A most unexpected find was the painting by Rafael, The Visitation (of the Virgin Mary to Saint Elizabeth) which was obviously the inspiration for The Visitation by Townsville artist Jan Hynes, from her contemporary interpretation of New Testament stories, which hangs in Wanderoos home in Australia!! 

Finally tore ourselves away from del Prado. Received a text from Boomers - now also coming into Madrid for repair to boot on CV joint (will need to change our meet up day/place). Took trains then walked (on very sore feet) back to caravan park. Load of washing and drying before going to our increasingly friendly taverna for chicken sandwich dinner. Back for late shower in amenities block, but no hot water in Ladies yet again, so turned on water in vehicle. Loud noise, burning smell - and no hot water. Arrrhhhh!!!!! 

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