Monday, 30 May 2016

Mon 30 May 2016. Bad Kissingen to Schweinfurt

Mon 30 May 2016. Bad Kissingen to Schweinfurt
Another torrential storm - Wanderoos were lucky they remained undercover overnight (and cheeky to manage to recharge all the devices before the organisers removed power cords from the exhibits!) GirlRob fortunate to find remains of hot water in public shower; sadly the mens were depleted by the time BoyRob tried their amenities. Battery power was critically low so we ran vehicle for 15 minutes. Andrew had located three addresses for auto workshops. The first, an auto electrician, had gone out of business; the second was parts and cars only. Manager had poor English, but even using iTranslate was not prone to helpfulness. Stopped at bakery for coffee and egg rolls, then headed for third address (parts only), but saw Mecedes sign on road and stopped for advice. They said there's no such thing as an auto electrician in Germany, only specialists at big dealerships. Gave us name/ address for Mercedes-Daimler (who nowadays manage Mitsubishi cantors) in next town. We located Schweinfurt on our Pocket Earth app and headed off in rain (what would Guy say? "...and so it begins...."

Schweinfurt Town Square

Hours later following battery tests, the bad news was that we needed new sets of batteries for both vehicle AND house, and the really bad news was that German batteries did not fit the battery space in our house "come back tomorrow, we'll keep looking". Meanwhile, in the moving of armfuls of electronic equipment from canteen upstairs (where GirlRob'd been charging devices and editing photos) to the customer lounge downstairs, the brand new laptop decided to no longer open at switch!! Un-b-lievable. Helpful girl on front desk located shop where they conducted repairs in Old Town, so off we went with arms full of electronics. Much discussion later: "we will open up inside, maybe loose connection, easy-peasy, maybe microscopic problem, no parts in Germany, not so easy for you". Left it for them to research and contact us by email. (What is going on?? suddenly nothing is "easy-peasy"!!

At Info Centre in town square located nearby Stellplatz. It turned out to be a reasonable choice, no amenities, water didn't work, but had a place to dump black water in morning. Went for stroll along river, swan and cygnets, ducks, wild flowers, well-tendered garden allotments. Cut rest of pork hock from bone, cherry tomatoes and fried-up rosti for dinner. Cut rest of squat peaches for dessert, good hot cuppa. Watched rabbits munching grass. Went to bed to read after mostly disappointing day.

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