Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday 28 May 2016. Bad Kissingen, Germany

Saturday 28 May 2016. Bad Kissingen, Germany
Bright sunny morning, slow start to crowd. GirlRob wrote 5 postcards to grandkidlings. BoyRob tried to make sense of two invoices he’s received for ongoing house renovations in Oz. Frustrating, neither gelling with records we have taken with us.

Juris is kindly leaving us with the Swiss battery charger - we love our new friends! BoyRob has been managing battery power as carefully as possible considering we’ve not been running vehicle, parked undercover throughout, and with the single power cord to tent exhibits turned off overnight. We are definitely getting to point where our devices need to be charged though. 

Used Lance and Michelle's hire car to go into township. Happiness is: 
  * Finding a self service laundromat in a foreign country
  * Finding an obliging woman in laundromat prepared to spend time translating German signs and demonstrating how to use both washer and dryer
  * Finding a spare electrical outlet in laundromat to charge rapidly expiring devices
  * Finding unlocked internet in laundromat to download mail, photos, and update apps
(Gotta love German efficiency!!)
  * Finding good supermarket with an enticing deli, clean toilet, and post office for postcards -sigh, this is a GOOD day!!

Lance has generously given us the replacement steps in lieu of our contribution to the show. Once exhibitions were finished for day BoyRob loosened all nuts holding old steps in place (a struggle with his bad shoulder), then Lance and later Andrew came to help. It took an hour to get them off and then struggle with newer heavier ones to fit in place. By then it was getting late and the group was expected for dinner/networking at a supplier’s stand. Boys decided to leave electrics until morning (new steps can be wired to close with door which we don't want).

A flutter went around camp with news of impending storm. A couple of hours later an interesting line formed across the sky followed by a dust storm with strong cold winds. 
Wanderoos helped secure camp more tightly, particularly moving the show television from its vulnerable position. 

4 of us caught ride to town in new EC to go to a special A&A show BBQ smorgasbord at Faber Bistro. Delicious steak, spare ribs, sausages and burgers, range of grilled veggies, salads and decadent chocolate sweets. Great company, many many toasts in different languages, and lots of laughs.

Once back at camp, storm arrived with thunder and lightening overhead. We felt just as secure in our canvas top as the monoliths sharing the grounds. 

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