Thursday, 26 May 2016

Thurs 26 May 2016. In Bad Kissingen

Thurs 26 May 2016. In Bad Kissingen
Happy Birthday daughter Naomi - sorry there's no internet at the show to FaceTime you! We were snug and warm inside overnight, but nearby campers heard GirlRob’s coughing. Bad Kissingen hosts the ‘biggest A&A show in Europe’, some say the world. We were tickled there was so much interest in our vehicle, which was open and compact compared to the newer, more enclosed high-top EC beside us. One jolly guy said he had seen us before in upper western Germany - he was a cartographer with Garmin and travelled to many interesting places, he's currently developing an app for the highlands of Iceland. GirlRob was chuffed to see one of her Mongolian pictures featured in the EC brochure. We stepped inside the new EC; whilst appreciating that minimal windows would suit harsh cold and snowy conditions, it felt claustrophobic to Wanderoos. We really like the hand basin inside shower cubicle though, and have an invitation from Lance and Michelle to stay with them and have one fitted to Ozzie in Bend Oregon when we ship over to the American continent. Nothing like advance planning!

No, we are not tempted...

Met a lovely Swiss couple Jean-Luc and Catherine, the latter belongs to a women's volunteer group (Noble Planet we think) who work on a humanitarian project in Madagascar each year. They invited us to come spend a night, dinner, washing machine, in Coppet Geneva in September. Also met a nice couple from London with 2 or 3 children who measured our EC house to see if they could adapt dinette with seats facing forward for kids to travel. Made chicken salad lunch - had to lock door to stop people coming inside whilst preparing. 

Jean-Luc and Catherine

Pom complete with tape measure...

Walked around site, purchased cutest silicon collapsible travel kettle (now where will a second one fit!!) So surprised to see the numbers of people walking with dogs far outnumbered children. Lots of people watching muddy 4WD obstacle course and older kids on bike course. And monster trucks with bikes or 4-wheelers on back- who would buy them for 700,000 euros??  Definitely redneck country!! Final interesting visitors were Dominic and Birgit (a doctor) who want an EC just like ours when they retire at 67.  Being half a head taller than BoyRob, Dominic was not convinced he could fit on the bed until he tried it and saw how with a slight diagonal how naturally his feet could stretch out over the centre space (we think we’re pretty good salespeople!!). 

A Rambler? What the....????

Day stayed warm, Michelle and Andrew got sunburnt. Finally had our shower half hour before show closed for day (no waiting, bonus!) Went into Bad Kissingen in back of new EC, very comfortable but no view. Lance shouted everyone dinner in BBQ restaurant. No internet, in desperation sent Naomi a text for her birthday. Funny stories including dangers of sleeping pills, chukar hunting (grouse type bird in US imported from Pakistan). All agreed it was a good first day. Thursday/today was a public holiday, many will "do a bridge" day for an extra long weekend by taking Friday off work. Got back to exhibition centre before curfew, no turning into pumpkin for us....

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