Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wed 25 May 2016. Raab (Austria) to Bad Kissingen (Germany)

Wed 25 May 2016. Raab (Austria) to Bad Kissingen (Germany)
Up early to wash hair in luxury of continual hot water. GirlRob still on antibiotics for cough.
In the soft drizzle packed lockers and top boxes, made bed, filled fridge/ freezer, made hot tea in our travel mugs to go with sandwich for breakfast along way (GirlRob hopes she has now lost that additional kilo…) For security’s sake, we will not put electronics in centre well of truck cabin until after the All-Wheel Drive and Adventure Camping show in Bad Kissingen, our destination for today. We have agreed to participate as part of EarthCruiser exhibition there for four days, and pick up a replacement set of entrance steps for the ‘house’. 
With magnetic photos of children and grandchildren on fridge, farewelled our basic but roomy farmhouse. Ah, feels so free to be independent and on road at last! Headed on back roads through Passau, avoiding a day's autobahn toll for such a short stretch, and into Germany, joining freeway north. Foggy and light rain - enough to push down grass crops. Flanders poppies bright against emerald green grass. Stopped at McDonald’s for coffee, miffed to find their wifi not working. Wind turbines/solar panels powered traffic signs along highway. In case of boredom there were tourist signs for every small town, zoo, library, canal, or ancient site to tempt you to pause your journey.

Hello Babies....

400kms later arrived Bad Kissingen mid arvo, long lost greetings to EC USA owners Lance and Michelle (who had gifts of shirts for us!) the most amazing carpark so full of expedition vehicles of every shape and size and outlay!! Spectacular event, sightseers with cameras everywhere. Found truck wash - Ozzie looked so bright and shiny after a soapy bath and pressure spray. Moved over to beer tent, and shared itineraries and border-crossing stories. Michelle has seen a version of washing machine being developed that might suit ECs, and will send the link. Met Juris (Yuris) and Oli (Oh-Li) in their brand new fixed-top EC, who have invested in the first EC franchise (?) in Europe, and Andrew travelling with them who manages with them their off-road accessory business in Switzerland. Turns out Juris had met us in Iceland - it's where his interest was first piqued in ECs - such a small world! Decided to shop in supermarket when it became obvious we would need more alcohol supplies... 

Followed Andrew into town to restaurant to book in for tomorrow night, then up through forest to exhibition grounds, registered, received site passes and bracelets as exhibitors. Found and set up on site, great position side by side under new tents on grass. 

Andrew showed us to essential facilities. Busied ourselves preparing dinner, Oli inviting us to share the meat from their BBQ. Pulled apart chicken for tomorrow whilst steaks cooking. Ventured to taste our Malibu and unopened pineapple juice from 18mths ago (hoping we didn't live/ die to regret it). Juris has been on many of Australia's outback tracks. Getting colder and colder, can see our breath (hope we don't regret putting winter gear up in top boxes!). BoyRob tried water system with newly-glued cylinder but after 1 minute the pressure blew it apart again - second flood in locker. Damn, no internal water yet, filled kettle from external tap for tea/dishes/facewashing. The amenities block with showers is on the other side of complex, but portaloos are nearby (albeit with freezing seats!) Can't afford to use our toilet and shower whilst stuck in one place for four days. We’ll also have to manage power whilst our solar panels are under shade. 

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