Saturday, 21 May 2016

Sat 21 May 2016. Munich to Passau

Sat 21 May 2016. Munich to Passau
Washed hair, and had breakfast (not included in price, of course…) reluctantly bypassing their calorie-filled regional specialties. 

Walked across road to HBF station to check out times for Passau trains - one leaving in 25 mins. Young German couple helped us at ticket machine - cheaper to buy daily Bavarian ticket than one way to Passau. Hurried back to hotel to check out and lug cases back across road and struggle up full length of train to Passau carriages. Too late to find seats together near luggage so GirlRob took up guard duty. Taxi to Quirky Dormero hotel, not sure how we ended up in accommodation aimed at young nudists, but enjoyed laugh. Weather was downright hot, so BoyRob hand-washed his unmentionables and hung on tiny balcony, in full view of the black-faced sheep. 

Caught bus into Baroque Old Town on confluence of Danube, Inn and Ilz rivers, and wandered for several hours through narrow streets, parapets, and shops (GirlRob taken by children’s lederhosen!) Watched cruising boats on Danube, one a wedding party, with fortress Veste Oberhause and its old walls as backdrop.

Very liberal...

Had a look inside pretty pink and white St Paul's parish church, the oldest in Passau. 

Now what could BoyRob have to confess?

Really enjoyed all four levels of Glass Museum, showcasing 1650 to 1950 in the historic Hotel Wilder Mann. Featuring artists, designers, glassworks, refineries and grafting institutions from periods including Baroque, Rococo, Empire, Biedermeier, Historism, Art Nouveau (GirlRobs favourite!) Art Deco and Modernistic. Saw alabaster, lead, radioactive, some ugly, some exquisite. Wanderoos hadn't seen anything like this museum in their travels to date. 

Wandered alleyways once more, watching the passing sideshow over a light lunch. 

Visited St Stephen’s Cathedral featuring world’s largest cathedral organ (17,974 pipes!!) overlapping into two enclaves off to side. Would have loved to hear it played. 

No more time to find St Severin’s church, so walked down more narrow alleys and stairways back towards our bridge. Lots of young people dressed up in this university town, happy/ noisy walking streets in costume, obviously gearing up for an evening’s fun. Drank local concoction aperol spritzer, walked back over bridge to hotel restaurant for dinner, celebrating our first real day exploring Europe, eating huge pretzel with spicy cheese ball, and Weiner schnitzel (what else!) Dropped into our amazingly comfortable bed and fell asleep whilst TV played its multi coloured light show....



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